21 days to create a new relationship
with your devices, and yourself.

Presence is a 21 day group experience, centered around helping you break your attachment to your phone and any other devices you feel reliant on.

Nowadays it's common place for all of us to use our devices as a prop to soothe anxiety, quell boredom or validate our needs. But most of us feel uncomfortable with the reliance we have on technology and are craving something deeper - a life that feels more expansive, more joyful, more turned on - away from the screens.

Addictions are often emotionally driven, and the trigger points for mindless scrolling

may be deeper than you think.


Are you ready to invite in more Presence?

  • Despite your best efforts, your screentime skyrockets each week and you spend large spaces of time scrolling mindlessly.

  • You feel anxious or distressed if you don't have your phone nearby.

  • Spending time offline makes you feel like you're missing out, so you find yourself reinstalling apps, logging back in and slipping back into the habit.

  • You've lost sleep, missed deadlines and skipped chores because you're so distracted by your phone.

  • Your device is the first thing you look at in the morning, and the last thing you look at in the evening. If you wake up in the middle of the night or can't sleep - you start scrolling.

  • You multi-screen frequently. It's impossible to watch a movie or TV show without keeping one eye on your device at all times.

  • You reach for your phone when you feel anxious, angry, overwhelmed or any emotion that feels uncomfortable in order to soothe and numb yourself


Imagine if instead, you could...

  • Focus on day-to-day tasks with ease, feel more productive and more switched on without the need to procrastinate.

  • Experience sleep that is deeply nourishing, and be able to soothe daily stress instead of constantly distracting yourself from it.

  • Have greater space for connection and quality time with the people you love.

  • Feel empowered and motivated to nourish your body, with good food, good movement and deep rest.

  • Discover the time and energy to do in all the things that are forever on your "one-day" list - things like reading, creative projects and other hobbies that bring you joy.

  • Feel more relaxed, in tune with yourself and have the space to journal, meditate and take really good care of you - minus the resistance.

  • Show up for yourself and others, suck the juice out of life, be present and awake to all that life has for you.

If you said yes to any of the above, this program will support you in breaking your device habit so that you can feel more rested, balanced and Present in your every day life.

I cannot recommend Presence enough to anyone who is wanting to improve their relationship to their phone but more importantly, themselves! Erin created a beautiful space for us to explore the underlying reasons that we were using our devices and to see if we could meet our needs and address our emotions in new ways. I have left with much more compassion towards myself and have tools that I will be able to take with me beyond the length of the course to continue lessening that screentime and keep being kinder to myself.


Your 21 Day Journey

Week One | Clear the Space
Easing into the experiment and easing out of old habits.

Week Two | Change the Pace
Taking action and feeling safe to put your device down.

Week Three | Creation; Who are you Offline?
Rediscovering yourself as the phone-fog lifts.

Each week you'll receive material which will include journalling prompts, suggested actions for the week (think choose your own adventure) as well as a recorded tapping meditation you can use daily. We will do plenty of work in our live calls to clear the attachments, the addiction and the trigger points you feel around your phone. The weekly and daily work however, is key in helping you to engrain & sustain your new habits.

This 21 day program won't take up too much of your time - just 10-15 minutes a day will be enough for you to notice an effect, and remember by cutting your screentime you'll be regaining hours back in your week!

Want Access to Presence?

Join Connect + Clear - The Membership
When you join Connect + Clear, you’ll gain instant access to a private community via a platform called Mighty Networks. Included in your membership are Two Live Tapping Circles a month, held fortnightly via Zoom. In each 60 minute session you will experience a grounding meditation, EFT tapping and Hot Seat tapping. We also have regular bonus sessions with Guest Coaches. PLUS all members received exclusive access to a library of self-paced and live courses and programs, including Presence. 

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What's Included

3 x Live Group Calls with me, focused on clearing attachment to devices, as well as the underlying triggers and stresses that lead you to reach for your phone.These sessions will run for 75-90 minutes, you'll receive a recording within 24 hours of each call if you can't attend live.

Weekly Material setting you up for success. This includes journalling prompts, a daily EFT practise and actions you can take to reinforce the emotional and energetic work.

The live group calls will be your opportunity to share your obstacles, the wins and the realisations you have throughout this journey. I am also available for extra feedback and support via email between these sessions.

Ready to Commit? One more thing...


Client Love

Erin’s help over the last few months has been invaluable.

I came into this process as a sceptic, but have found the simple methods we utilised in EFT and Erin’s general approachability have made huge impacts on my daily life.

I’ve now used EFT for stress management, general anxiety & food cravings and can honestly say that the sessions make a huge difference to my demeanour & peacefulness that lasts well past anything else I have ever tried.

I will be using these practices and working with Erin for years to come! 


EFT sessions with Erin were profoundly helpful to me!

Her ability to deliver EFT was incredibly personal and effective. Each session helped me clear a variety of emotional blocks, frustrations, negativities, and deep sadness linked to grief.

I always felt clear, energised, and able to move forward with ease after each session.

I would highly recommend EFT with Erin. Her natural gentleness and focussed approach combined with the EFT technique will yield incredible energetic changes each session.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is EFT? What is Tapping?

EFT stands for "Emotional Freedom Technique", and it is a combination of Chinese Medicine and Modern Psychology.

It blends gentle tapping on meridian or acupressure points with the verbal or mental acknowledgement of whatever it is that is causing stress in the mind and body.

This could be a negative thought, emotion or even a physical problem like a headache.

EFT is a non-invasive, easy and practical tool that you can use independently or under the guidance of a Practitioner.

Does it matter if I can't make the group calls live? Will they be recorded?

Yes, all calls in Presence will be recorded and available for you to catch up on at a time that suits you best. The group tapping sessions will be central to your results in this program so it's important you have the time to sit them.

I can't commit right now - will you run this program again?

This offering is exclusive to Members of Connect + Clear, and live rounds will be run multiple times throughout the year! You can join the Membership here.

Are these sessions online?

Yes. Alll sessions are online via Zoom through the Mighty Networks Portal.

Does EFT actually work?

It is an exciting time to be an EFT Practitioner as the body of research supporting EFT as a proven method is growing!

You can read a short synopsis of the science behind EFT here.

If you're unsure and a bit skeptical, I encourage you to give it a go and see the results you get personally. Research has proven that EFT has a profound impact on the amygdala in the brain. This is where our stress hormones are regulated, and after an hour of tapping Cortisol has shown to drop by 37%. By using EFT regularly you can build new pathways in the brain that allow you feel less stressed, calmer and more at ease.