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One of the most magical things about EFT tapping is its simplicity - it feels
downright miraculous to have access to such a transformative tool...

Right at the tips of your fingers.

I created The Tapping Kit to empower you in your own transformation -

But here's a little secret - the true magic of tapping, is not the tapping itself, but rather our ability to safely acknowledge, process, and release all that we find difficult.


This takes courage. vulnerability. But it is so worth it.


You don't need a lotion or a potion.

A complicated remedy.

Another person to fix you.

You just need your hands, and a resolution to confront your shadows.

To tap out, speak out the things that scare you.


The power is in your hands. ✨ 

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Download The Tapping Kit to receive...

- A 30 Minute Audio -

On the what, why & how to use EFT to transform.

- Tapping Meditations -

Morning Clear & Evening Release.

- The Daily Practise -

A journaling guide to help you tune in and 

create your unique tapping script .

This is for you if you...

+ Struggle with anxiety, stress and calming your busy-brain.


+ Experience doubt or second-guess yourself constantly,

and wish you felt more clear and confident.


+ Find it hard to ‘feel your feelings’... you’ve heard that it’s important,

but the ‘how’ tends to escape you.


+ Tend to procrastinate on taking action and end feeling totally stuck.


+ Are always coming across blocks and triggers that tend to repeat on you - in your finances, your love life, your career and friendships,

And you'd like to...

+ Experience life from a space of peace, finding calm amongst the chaos.


+ Trust yourself, knowing deep down that you are worthy of all the amazing things you’d like to create.


+ Take better care of your energetic and emotional health, and feel more balanced.


+ Strengthen your relationships - with others and yourself.


+ Bust through beliefs and patterns and create a new way of being that is focused, and gets the most out of life.


+ Truly love and accept yourself, and enjoy being you!

Let It Go Flodesk Header (1640 × 624 px).png
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