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I'm Erin. 

I’m an Aries Sun, Gemini Moon and Rising. 

A Manifestor in Human Design.

An ENFP in Myers Briggs.

If there’s a personality test, it’s super likely I’ve done it. 

I am an Accredited EFT Practitioner. A Life Coach and Mentor.

I feel deeply. Listen intently.

I reflect back to you what you need to hear. 

I call it how I see it, but I can see things from both sides.


I love words, the beauty in them. The sheer force of poetry.

I love how they convey our stories.

And in the context of my practise;

I love how they can release, transform – heal.

I want to help your soul sing.

Would you like to know why I love the work I do?


It’s because I really love people – I love seeing their breakthroughs. I love holding the space for their humanity – the fear, the pain. The anger. The grief.


I think we are a beautiful kind.


Sure, sometime people frustrate me – usually the bad drivers or the pushy queue jumpers. But in my essence I know that I don’t know their full story. They don’t know mine. But the magic happens when we dive deeper - when we listen and learn from those around us.

I went down the path of personal development and coaching way back when I was what feels like now – a baby. It was 2014, and I left my job with nothing but my coaching certificate, some annual leave payout and a steadfast belief that I could truly create change.


You see this desire has long been in my heart.  I know I am here to support, to listen and to reflect.
But also – and perhaps this is the most powerful part –
to transform.

And to transform is to Shift. Release. Heal.

All those things that are holding you back?

I’m really interested in them. I’m really interested in helping you release them.


I believe that when we address our truth,
We create the opportunity for true transformational change.

My own journey has been a long one – since I started out as a coach in 2014 I’ve experienced heartache, intense fear, and grief.

I lost my confidence. I stacked on the weight. I dove back into a corporate job and made it my identity.

But the most profound pain shook me out of my stupor; I lost my Mum in 2019 and the grief I felt woke me up to the shortness, the fragility of life. One moment we’re here, breathing, laughing, loving and drinking our coffee.

And in the next moment, the very next breath - we’re gone. The lifetime completed.

It forced me to ask myself;

Was I doing all I needed to do?

Was I truly living the life that I felt in my heart was for me?

In all honesty, I wasn’t.

It was here that I found EFT,
and rediscovered my inner peace.

Tapping is a tool, but it’s one that brought me home to myself.

It allowed me to face the parts of me I found troubling.

It helped me to stop hiding, so that I could share this simple truth with you:


Your best life, your life of love and alignment, joy and freedom? 

It’s ahead of you. And I want to help you see it.


This shit. Is. Powerful.

It’s transformational.

It’s soul-confirming.


I believe I am here to help you transform your pain.

To drop those bad habits.

To figure out what’s behind your stress, your anxiety or your weight.

What do you want to create? Is it peace? More love? Acceptance? Freedom?

Perhaps it’s something more tangible – like weight loss, a new career or relationship.

There is so much we blindly accept, but I want to help you truly see what’s possible.


Now that you know some of my story, I'm excited to hear yours.


You can book your first session with me here.


I am Accredited as an EFT Practitioner through EFT International. To learn more about my code of ethics and scope of work, you can visit their website here.

Pink Smoke

EFT sessions with Erin were profoundly helpful to me!

Her ability to deliver EFT was incredibly personal and effective. Each session helped me clear a variety of emotional blocks, frustrations, negativities, and deep sadness linked to grief. I always felt clear, energised, and able to move forward with ease after each session.

I would highly recommend EFT with Erin. Her natural gentleness and focussed approach combined with the EFT technique will yield incredible energetic changes each session.

Kimberley G, Brisbane

Pink Sugar Texture
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