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Private EFT & Reiki Sessions

Change is totally possible for you if you're ready for it ✨


My love, is this you?

You’re feeling stuck - totally unsure of which path to take in life.


You have dreams and goals, there’s a whisper in your heart about what you want to do but you’re struggling to clear your mind enough to take action, to make a plan and stick to it.


You’re completely overwhelmed - the daily stresses of your job, your relationships, your family… your life.

They’re overtaking each waking moment and they make it difficult to think clearly. To move forward.


You feel dejected. Demotivated. Maybe even depressed.

Where’s the spark gone?

Why is life just draining you, not fulfilling like you wish it would desperately? 

This isn’t how you thought things would pan out.


But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Imagine if you could...

Pinpoint exactly what you want to get out of life; and feel clear and calm about taking the actions to get it.

Get to the end of the week and feel immense joy as you reflect on the things you’ve achieved, the relationships you’ve cultivated and the beautiful work you’re doing in the world.

Truly know your own self-worth. Have boundaries and stick to them. Understand what does and doesn’t work for you, and live your life aligned to your values.

Embody confidence.

You speak up. Wear what you want.

Each day you move from a place of empowerment.

Feel excited and charged up each day, week and month. Gone is the constant exhaustion, the brain fog and the Sunday night blues.

No longer be tied down by doubt and the rollercoaster emotions. You feel calm and more at peace throughout every area of your life.

NC Package

Private EFT & Reiki Sessions

Option 1: The Power Package

Have you been feeling disconnected from your power, your soul, your magic?

Maybe the wheels have fallen off, you’re feeling a little drained as we start a new year.

You’ve done so much work on yourself over the years (or months, or days!) but right now you’re craving an extra layer of support to reignite your spark and process some of the sh!t that’s happened over the past few months.


If this is you, I would love to support you in my new 8 week private program - the Power Package. Together, over 5 unique sessions combining the magic of EFT Tapping and Reiki we will work together too:


  • Process any grief, shame or stuck emotion 

  • Tackle feelings of self-doubt & anxiety

  • Get yourself out of a rut

  • Support you to feel inspired & energised, and create space for something new

Program Outline

  • We begin with a 90 minute EFT & Reiki Session

  • Followed by 3 fortnightly 60 minute EFT Sessions

  • We close our time together with a Distance Reiki Healing

You'll also receive bonus access to Coming Home (valued $147), a 4 week course that will teach you the transformative power of EFT Tapping, and support you in deepening your connection to yourself, your intuition, and your truth.

Upfront Payment



2 x Monthly Payments

Option 2: Book a Single Session


60 minute session

Choose between EFT Tapping or a Full Reiki Healing


90 Minute Session

Combined EFT Tapping & Reiki Healing Session

Let’s Work Together 

I'd love to support your healing journey with the magic of EFT.

I'm an Accredited EFT Practitioner and Coach, and I am laser-focused on helping people from all walks of life get a handle on their stress, overwhelm and frustration.


I love this work because I have witnessed the possibility for beautiful humans who no longer feel bound by past challenges, past trauma, past experiences.

When we unlock the pain you carry quietly within, there is a greater space for deep healing, deep release - and a deeper acceptance of self, in all your glory.


By working together, it is my intention that you will discover, uncover and have reverence for your true self - The self that lies beneath the stress, the old patterns, the limiting beliefs.


In my private sessions, I hold the space for you to acknowledge, clear your emotional burdens and feel more grounded, more at peace.


This is life once we find freedom from our emotions, and release ourselves from the habit we have of burying them.

This process is not always comfortable - but I create a safe space for you so that you can grow.

In confidence. Clarity. And power.


At the end of each session you will feel more at peace.


You’ll have clarity. 

You’ll begin to feel radiant and full of life. 

The heaviness you’ve been carrying around with you?


You’ll feel better equipped to cope with the ups and downs that life will undoubtedly throw at you.

Change is totally possible for you if you're ready for it.

Client Love

I am always blown away by how powerful Erin's work is.

In a recent session, I came into the space desiring to work on one topic, and we ended up working on multiple threads that I hadn't anticipated, but deeply needed.


Her space is always so safely held, which allows me to fully release all I have been navigating - in this particular session, much around birth and postpartum grief and trauma, as well as body image challenges.


I always leave our time together feeling stronger, clearer and more in my power and am forever grateful to be able to turn to Erin when I have anything particularly heavy to move through.

Hollie Azzopardi, Mind, Body + Soul Mentor & Author

038A1598 (1).jpg

I have always found tapping sessions with Erin to be transformative, in the sense that I always leave feeling lighter, happier and less anxious than when I stepped in..

I have been a part of Erin’s world for two years now and have benefited
greatly from her expertise in tapping – firstly through her community workshops and then when I stepped into her membership.

EFT tapping has become one of my favourite tools to use in my self care toolbox, and I find myself leaning on Erin’s resources particularly when it comes to blocks or challenges, I am having in running a business.

Erin has such a calm, warm and friendly vibe and is so welcoming of you each and every time, no matter how you show up to session.

Through the power of EFT and Erin’s guidance my relationship to myself, my productivity and my potential has shifted. I feel that everyone would  benefit from time with Erin and am so grateful for all I have learnt about myself through our time together.

Ash Ryan, Evolve Virtually


I had never practised EFT in a 1:1 session before so I was quite nervous and unsure what to expect...

I went into the session with some thoughts of what it would be like but it ended up being so much more than I expected. I had so many things come up that I hadn't even realised I was holding onto subconsciously and Erin was able to help me shift through them with so much ease.


The main thing I wanted to work on with Erin was my money mindset and how I continually hit an income level and couldn't seem to exceed it and within the same month, I had my biggest month in business.


My session with Erin was incredible and I'll definitely be back in the future! 

Shorina Page, Counsellor & Coach &

Screen Shot 2020-11-01 at 3.18.56 pm (1).png

My session with Erin was incredible.

I went to her with something that was really impacting me on an almost-daily basis (a quite random fear of getting gastro in the middle of the night, because… kids!) as well as some stress around an upcoming move and lifestyle change, and she held me through such a powerful clearing session.


She was so intuitive and picked up on so many little things that I hadn’t noticed, which brought such a depth to the session. I felt such a shift and almost immediately felt so different than when we’d begun. The night of our session, I had no midnight anxiety and in the days afterward, I was so not attached to both of the reasons we’d worked to clear in my session.


So much space was created for how I’d rather be feeling and showing up. I absolutely loved my tapping with Erin and would 10/10 recommend her to anyone! She is such a gift.

Cassie Mendoza-Jones, Business Coach, Kinesiologist & Author


My EFT session with Erin led to a big

(unexpected) breakthrough!

The day after our session, I finally made an empowering decision, one that I'd been putting off for months. I didn't realise how much my indecision was impacting me until it just 'happened' to come up in our session.


Tapping on it, and clearing my fear and resistance provided me with huge relief. Afterwards I felt like a heavy weight had been lifted off my shoulders.


If you feel drawn to EFT and / or working with Erin, I highly recommend working with her. She is a gentle, authentic and compassionate Practitioner who is passionate about EFT and helping others.

Thanks Erin. I'm so grateful for our session. I loved it!

Jayne Martin, Self-Worth Coach and Spiral Practitioner


Erin’s help over the last few months has been invaluable. 

I came into this process as a sceptic, but have found the simple methods we utilised in EFT and Erin’s general approachability have made

huge impacts on my daily life.

I’ve now used EFT for stress management, general anxiety & food cravings and can honestly say that the sessions make a huge difference to my demeanour & peacefulness that lasts well past anything else I have ever tried.

I will be using these practices and working with Erin for years to come! 

- Anne Leishman

headshot 2021.jpg

Erin’s tapping sessions are a staple in my life.

They provide me with the space to process and release my emotions and work through any blocks I might have. Erin is a beautiful space holder who makes you feel seen, heard and understood.


During and after this session I was able to release emotions and thought patterns that no longer served me. I felt I had more space between myself and my worries and I felt more confident to set boundaries and cope with life. I always leave feeling lighter and calmer.


As I’m in Erin’s wonderful membership I was able to have another session the day after and we released even more. It was super helpful and the messages that were revealed were extremely serendipitous. I also LOVE the card pulls at the end of the sessions! I recommend Erin to everyone I know and I look forward to all of the future membership sessions and special events.

Gabi Moran, Restorative Yoga Teacher 

Mother Natures Alchemist


I found my session with Erin really transformative.

It highlighted some of the emotions and energies that I had been holding onto after completing our first round of IVF, and allowed me the space to clear these. She also helped me work on some feelings of procrastination and exhaustion around some upcoming stressful uni assignments, which I am happy to say were all completed and submitted in the days following

this session with Erin

Tapping into emotions and releasing them truly is the best way to move forward from situations, and Erin's techniques allow you to tap in to what needs to be cleared, clear the emotions safely and move forward with new energy and momentum in life. Erin truly is magical!

Bella Nichol @positvely_bel


Private EFT & Reiki Sessions

Option 1: The Power Package

Upfront Payment


2 x Monthly Payments


Option 2: Book a Single Session


60 minute session

Choose between EFT Tapping or a Full Reiki Healing


90 Minute Session

Combined EFT Tapping & Reiki Healing Session

I’m an Aries Sun, Gemini Moon and Rising. 

A Manifestor in Human Design.

An ENFP in Myers Briggs.

If there’s a personality test, it’s super likely I’ve done it. 

Tapping is a tool, but it’s one that brought me home to myself.

It allowed me to face the parts of me I found troubling.

It helped me to stop hiding, so that I could share this simple truth with you:


I believe that when we address our truth,
We create the opportunity for true transformational change.

My own journey has been a long one – since I started out as a coach in 2014 I’ve experienced heartache, intense fear, and grief.

I lost my confidence. I stacked on the weight. I dove back into a corporate job and made it my identity.

But the most profound pain shook me out of my stupor; I lost my Mum in 2019 and the grief I felt woke me up to the shortness, the fragility of life. One moment we’re here, breathing, laughing, loving and drinking our coffee.

And in the next moment, the very next breath - we’re gone. The lifetime completed.

Was I making the most of this one, big, beautiful life?


So often we feel stuck in a cycle - it could be one of physical pain, grief, anxiety or self-sabotage. We tell ourselves stories, we get frustrated if things don't go our way, we make mistakes and we don't always learn from them. This is the space we dwell in when we're not acknowledging or accepting our truth. Ourselves.

Maybe you feel overwhelmed. Or like a failure. Perhaps you feel like an imposter, lacking confidence in yourself or your own ability.

You've done some inner work and started noticing the repetitive thoughts, the negative self-talk and the limiting beliefs but try as you might you just can't shake that shit off.

I know that feeling, and I also know that the work that I've done with myself and with my clients can break the cycle.


I believe I am here to help you transform your pain.

To drop those habits that keep you feeling stuck and limited.

To figure out what’s behind your stress, your anxiety or your overwhelm.

So that you can move forward.

Your best life, your life of love and alignment, joy and freedom? 

It’s ahead of you. And I want to help you see it.


I'm Erin. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What is EFT? What is Tapping?

EFT stands for "Emotional Freedom Technique", and it is a combination of Chinese Medicine and Modern Psychology.

It blends gentle tapping on meridian or acupressure points with the verbal or mental acknowledgement of whatever it is that is causing stress in the mind and body.

This could be a negative thought, emotion or even a physical problem like a headache.

EFT is a non-invasive, easy and practical tool that you can use independently or under the guidance of a Practitioner.


Can I purchase extra sessions with you?


Extra sessions within the Power Package are available upon request. Please reach out to me for the details, and to discuss the extra support you may need.

As your package draws near to an end, I will keep you in the loop on next steps if you'd like to continue working together beyond our initial 8 weeks.


What happens in a Private Session with you?

Each private session can vary based on the needs of the person sitting in front of me. But generally, we begin with a discussion around the presenting issue you'd like to work with. This could be a specific stress in your life, a habit you're struggling to break or a general mood you've been experiencing.

From here I combine tapping and coaching to peel back the layers gently so that you can acknowledge and release in full all the aspects of a specific issue. 

Each session closes with a beautiful integration of the work we've done so that you can leave the call feeling more grounded, at peace and with greater clarity then when we began.


Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, I do offer a payment plan for The Power Package. You can choose to pay in 2 x monthly instalments of $380.


Are these sessions online?

Yes. At present all sessions are online via Zoom, unless arranged otherwise.

If you would like an in person session please reach out - extra fees may apply depending on location and time.


Does EFT actually work?

It is an exciting time to be an EFT Practitioner as the body of research supporting EFT as a proven method is growing!

You can read a short synopsis of the science behind EFT here.

If you're unsure and a bit skeptical, I encourage you to give it a go and see the results you get personally. Research has proven that EFT has a profound impact on the amygdala in the brain. This is where our stress hormones are regulated, and after an hour of tapping Cortisol has shown to drop by 37%. By using EFT regularly you can build new pathways in the brain that allow you feel less stressed, calmer and more at ease.


I'm so excited to work with you!

This work has completely transformed and changed my life, my direction, my future.

I know it can do the same for you, and it would be an honour to be a part of your journey.

Got questions?

Slide into my DMs here and I'd be happy to answer them for you.

Can't wait,

Erin xx

Client Love

I recently had a session with Erin and we were really focusing on clearing out any blocks that I had that were preventing me from remaining focused throughout my work day. I found myself not using my time in an optimal way and would find myself procrastinating or unsuccessfully multitasking. I was feeling frustrated and a little anxious and after just a few rounds of tapping exercises and a few short minutes, my energy had shifted. That is the power of EFT! Erin holds space so beautifully and really gets to the root of what is going on and assists you to clear the energy. Erin is warm, caring and is brilliant at what she does. Thank you Erin!

Bec Russell, Whitsundays QLD

Erin’s help over the last few months has been invaluable. I came into this process as a sceptic, but have found the simple methods we utilised in EFT and Erin’s general approachability have made huge impacts on my daily life.

I’ve now used EFT for stress management, general anxiety & food cravings and can honestly say that the sessions make a huge difference to my demeanour & peacefulness that lasts well past anything else I have ever tried.

I will be using these practices and working with Erin for years to come! 

Anne, Sydney NSW

EFT sessions with Erin were profoundly helpful to me!

Her ability to deliver EFT was incredibly personal and effective. Each session helped me clear a variety of emotional blocks, frustrations, negativities, and deep sadness linked to grief. I always felt clear, energised, and able to move forward with ease after each session.

I would highly recommend EFT with Erin. Her natural gentleness and focussed approach combined with the EFT technique will yield incredible energetic changes each session.

Kimberley G, Brisbane QLD

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