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Coming Home

4 Weeks to Create a Magical Tapping Practise
This 4 Week self-paced Course will teach you the transformative power of EFT Tapping, and support you in deepening your connection to yourself, your intuition, and your truth.

It is possible for you to hold sacred space for yourself.

It's possible to let go of the things in life that make you feel heavy, unworthy or unloved. 

It’s possible to feel safe and calm whilst feeling your feelings, and unlocking your potential.


It’s all available - at the tip of your fingers.


Coming Home

This course is perfect for you...

  • If you are interested in EFT but have no idea where to start!

  • If you've tried tapping but it didn’t help with deeper problems.

  • If you feel overwhelmed, anxious, stressed - like you're running super fast on the treadmill of life, and unsure where to get off.

  • If you feel disconnected from the body.

Coming Home will introduce you to EFT, and teach you how to use it effectively to soothe your nervous system, release old patterns and create a greater sense of connection with yourself.

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How often do you feel like your emotions are running the show?

The drop in your stomach when anxiety hits…

Lashing out in anger when someone rubs you the wrong way…

Putting off pursuing a dream because you're trapped in a state of overwhelm…

Feeling flat when you'd rather be feeling energised and productive…

Emotions can be uncomfortable. But emotions are also our superpower. 

Feelings are integral to our experience as human beings.

And when you learn to cultivate, feel and process your emotions, you unlock greater access to your true self.

This is the essence of the work that I do with EFT Tapping. 

I'm not interested in suppressing emotions, but rather in liberating them. Allowing them to flow so that we can feel lighter, and able to deal with whatever life throws at us with ease and grace.

Coming Home is the culmination of all I've learned about EFT, but also centered around the power of self-connection, and is designed to help you strengthen your connection to yourself, your intuition and your truth.

The Inclusions
  • Warm up week - Available as soon as you join to learn the basics and set your intentions for this course.

  •  4 Weeks of Masterclasses -  Covering the Foundations, Your Stories, Your Beliefs, and Integration. (While his course is self-paced, it has been designed to be completed over 4 weeks.)

  •  Supportive Resources - PDF Guides, video of techniques and audio meditations to help guide you when you get stuck.

  •  21 Days of Tapping - Play with your practice and be supported to tap every day and witness the changes!

  •  Lifetime access - Revisit this course for a refresh whenever you feel called, for as long as it's available.


Want full access?

Join Connect + Clear - The Membership

When you join Connect + Clear, you’ll gain instant access to a private community via a platform called Mighty Networks. Included in your membership are Two Live Tapping Circles a month, held fortnightly via Zoom. In each 60 minute session you will experience a grounding meditation, EFT tapping and Hot Seat tapping. We also have regular bonus sessions with Guest Coaches. PLUS all members received exclusive access to a library of self-paced and live courses and programs, including Coming Home.

$59 AUD

Monthly Membership

3 Month Commitment

$649 AUD

Annual Membership

Save $59


Anne - Sydney

"Erin’s help over the last few months has been invaluable. I came into this process as a skeptic, but have found the simple methods we utilised in EFT and Erin’s general approachability have made huge impacts on my daily life. I’ve now used EFT for stress management, general anxiety & food cravings and can honestly say that the sessions make a huge difference to my demeanor & peacefulness that lasts well past anything else I have ever tried."


Kimberly - Brisbane

"EFT sessions with Erin were profoundly helpful to me! Her ability to deliver EFT was incredibly personal and effective. Each session helped me clear a variety of emotional blocks, frustrations, negativities, and deep sadness linked to grief. I always felt clear, energised, and able to move forward with ease after each session. Erin's natural gentleness and focussed approach combined with the EFT technique will yield incredible energetic changes each session."


Bec - Whitsundays

"I recently had a session with Erin to focus on clearing out any blocks that I had that were preventing me from remaining focused throughout my workday. I found myself not using my time in an optimal way, often procrastinating or unsuccessfully multitasking. I was feeling frustrated and anxious but after just a few rounds of tapping exercises, and a few short minutes my energy had shifted.

That is the power of EFT!"

The Modules

Warm-up Week 

Begin Coming Home with some space for reflection and learn some simple techniques. Warm-up week is your invitation to check in with yourself and set you intentions. 

Week One | Foundations 

Let’s dive into the foundations of EFT - in this class you’ll learn more about the many applications of tapping, be guided on how to start forming your own scripts and begin making tapping a regular part of your practise.

Week Two | The Stories 

Past events. Old memories. Our stories. Often they can stick with us, triggering tears, shame and anger if we don't do the work to process them. In this module we'll talk about the power of unravelling old stories using tapping to let go and heal, so you can finally feel free.

Week Three | The Beliefs 

How do our beliefs keep us stuck? When we’re operating from a space of not feeling worthy, deserving or good enough we can struggle to take the action, have the positive mindset or create goals that are affirming and possible. Learn how to dismantle and rebuild your beliefs with tapping.

Week Four - Integration | 

We'll round out Coming Home with a deep-dive into how you can use tapping to clear physical pain, cravings, phobias and more! This will also be the time for you to reflect on your 21 days of tapping, and the changes you've created with EFT.

Over 4(ish) Weeks We Will Cover:

Your Relationship with yourself

Where you are now, what’s weighing you down and where you’d like to be. You’ll…..


Foundations of EFT

(Emotional Freedom Technique)

The basic techniques I use with clients to unlock deep levels of release quickly and painlessly, where EFT comes from and all the different ways we can use it.


Creating Your Own Practise

The number one thing people get stuck on what they start practising EFT, is what to say, how to say it and worry about getting it right. I’ll take you through the process step by step so you feel clear and confident to begin integrating EFT using it solo!

Your Stories

Our stories are powerful, and often we can carry emotional attachments to the past that can trigger and physical or emotional reaction just by thinking about an event. I’ll teach you how to clear these attachments, so that you can disarm your reactions and feel more at peace with your past.

Your Beliefs

Beliefs underlay how we see the world, our reactions and the decisions we make (or don’t make!). When we’re operating from a limiting belief we can struggle to take the action, have the positive mindset or create goals that are affirming and possible. In Coming Home we will gently explore what beliefs may be underneath the surface for you, and I will teach you how to gently dismantle them so you can create new ones.

Physical Pain

Did you know that pain can be an indicator of built up stress or emotion in the body? The body is always communicating with us, and tapping is an incredible way to gain a physical release as well as an emotional one. I have successfully helped clients with migraines, back pain and digestive issues that have been stress-related, and will be teaching you how to work this way using the body and it’s sensation as a starting point.

Cravings & Addictions

Do you find yourself reaching for the chocolate every night? Or unable to stop with just a handful of chips at the BBQ? Our connections to food and the comfort we seek from them are often emotional in nature -  it’s possible to play with these attachments and let go of the need to satisfy your cravings… usually within 10 minutes. Yes, really!



Phobias quite often have an origin story - maybe you have a fear of bees because you were stung as a child for example. Similar to how we can clear our attachment to past events, we can use tapping to unravel and release phobias. Together I’ll show you how to break these fears that can feel all-consuming down and begin to feel safer in your body.


Reflect on and Celebrate the Shifts

Coming Home is not just an educational course, it’s an immersive journey where you are encouraged to take up this practise and experience results firsthand. When you dedicate yourself to daily observation of how you’re feeling, and choosing to shift yucky feelings with tapping - this will begin to have a ripple effect throughout your life.

The possibilities are endless.

Hi, I'm Erin

And firstly, I'm so grateful that you're here!

I'm an Accredited EFT Practitioner who is focused on helping people rediscover their own kind of peace and freedom.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping; is a powerful tool that can help you transform your pain and help you to finally release whatever it is that's been holding you back.

Tapping is a tool, but it’s one that brought me home to myself.

It allowed me to face the parts of me I found troubling.

It helped me to stop hiding, so that I could share this simple truth with you:

Your best life, your life of love and alignment, joy and freedom? 

It’s ahead of you. And I want to help you see it.


Coming Home is infused with all my knowledge, love, and the tools I use with clients to create lasting change. I can't wait for you learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EFT? What is Tapping?

EFT stands for "Emotional Freedom Technique", and it is a combination of Chinese Medicine and Modern Psychology.

It blends gentle tapping on meridian or acupressure points with the verbal or mental acknowledgment of whatever it is that is causing stress in the mind and body.

This could be a negative thought, emotion or even a physical problem like a headache. EFT is a non-invasive, easy and practical tool that you can use independently or under the guidance of a Practitioner.

What are your qualifications?

I am an Accredited EFT Practitioner with EFT International. I work privately with clients, as well as run group programs and events centred around using EFT to facilitate transformation and cultivate feelings of peace.

Does EFT actually work?

It is an exciting time to be an EFT Practitioner as the body of research supporting EFT is growing!

If you're unsure and a bit skeptical, I encourage you to give it a go and see the results you get personally. Research has proven that EFT has a profound impact on the amygdala in the brain. This is where our stress hormones are regulated, and after an hour of tapping Cortisol has shown to drop by up to 37%. By using EFT regularly you can build new pathways in the brain that allow you to feel less stressed, calmer, and more at ease.

​When does Coming Home start?​

Coming Home is available for all Connect + Clear Members to use whenever you feel called. We will also be running a live round in the Membership every year, so you can work through it within the Community.

How long do I have to complete the course?

You'll have lifetime access - as in for as long as you are a Connect + Clear Member.

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