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Connect + Clear

The Membership


Connect + Clear - The Membership is a community that is open to people from all walks of life who would like to use EFT Tapping to clear their stress in a space that feels welcoming, safe and supportive.


With likeminded people.
With yourself.
With peace. Satisfaction. Success.


Stress. Overwhelm.
Frustration. Anger
Exhaustion. Pain.
The things that are blocking you from living life big and bold.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re overwhelmed constantly - it feels like you can never
    take 5 minutes to slow down and breathe.

  • Despite your best intentions you’re stuck in a loop of exhaustion, tired-ness and stress.

  • Every week you decide to make better decisions, take positive actions but by Friday you’re completely spent. Demotivated 

  • You’re ready to really take care of yourself, but you’re not sure where to start and you’re yet to find a routine or practise that really allows you to let go of stress and relax.

  • Meditation is helpful to you, but you’re craving another level of practise that will really allow you to let go of your burdens.


Connect + Clear is for you if you

experience any of the above.


Connect + Clear with Erin has been such a life-changing tool in my life. EFT tapping has enabled me to re-centre myself in times of distress and allowed me to invite calmness back into my every day as I process and release energy. It is a tool that everyone should have access to as it changes the way you operate your day-to-day activities. Thank you Erin for always holding space for us and allowing us to be in touch with our emotions in a healthy way.

Ginan T


A Supportive Community and Live Tapping Circles designed to help you find your centre and soften.

When you join Connect + Clear, you gain instant access to:

Fortnightly EFT Group Sessions, held via Zoom

60 minute group sessions are held fortnightly, in the evening. These circles are the core of The Membership, and you will be invited to pause, reflect and clear using EFT and other somatic techniques. All calls are recorded and shared in the membership so you can catch-up anytime, and still receive all the benefits!

A Private Welcome Session with Erin

All members receive a single 30 Minute private session with me. This session is tailored to you, but may include:

  • A deep-dive to go through the Life Check-in and talk in more detail about your overall goals, and what you'd like to use EFT to work through.

  • Moving through any blocks you're experiencing to supporting yourself better.

  • Getting clear on where you've been sabotaging or holding yourself back.

  • Coaching and Clearing using EFT.

Valued at $70. Limited to one session per person.

Exclusive Access to a Library of Self-paced Courses, and Bonus Content.

My popular group programs, including Coming Home, Presence and Create Your Magic are housed within the Membership. Members can sit these at any time, or join live rounds that are run throughout the year. These courses are valued at over $630 on their own! You will also gain access to excellent resources to help support your practice such as journalling prompts meditations, and videos from me. We also have had a number of amazing guest masterclasses in the Membership on topic such as Astrology and Holistic Nutrition, with more scheduled this year!

A Loving and Supportive Community
Where you can ask questions, share your journey and celebrate your wins. This is also a space for you to make new connections and to gain accountability if you need it. You're also able to receive coaching and support from me via our forum, outside our sessions. 

Connect + Clear has Closed ❤️

You can book a Private Session with me here.
Or buy my 4 week course Coming Home Here.
I'd love to stay connected xx
CC Book

What to expect in a circle...

It can feel a little intimidating to join a new group, but you'll find Connect + Clear to be a wonderfully safe & supportive space for you to pause, reflect and release using the transformative power of EFT. Here's what you can expect to experience in each session:

Grounding meditation, Journalling & Intention Setting

To settle into the space, tune into your body and take a moment to catch your breath.

Before we start tapping together, it’s important you outline what it is that you’re hoping to release and let go of, as well as what your positive intention might be.


EFT tapping 

Based on the energy of the group, any common themes and how we’re feeling on the day - I will guide you through some rounds of gentle EFT.

This technique is simple, but effective, and it will take just a few rounds of conscious tapping for you to begin to feel more relaxed.


Mini 1:1 Coaching

Each session we have space for 1-2 participants to go deeper on something that's been affecting them and receive some more direct coaching. This is your chance to come off mic, and share a specific issue that is bothering you, We’ll spend a few minutes honing in on what’s going on for you before tapping collectively on what comes up. You will be held and supported as you share, and there is no pressure if you’d rather stay quiet and tap along!


Space to share, express and clear in a safe and supportive environment.

Courses and Programs

Exclusive to Members


Create your practise.


Let go of your phone.

This 4 Week self-paced Course will teach you the transformative power of EFT Tapping, and support you in deepening your connection to yourself, your intuition and your truth. (Value - $222)

Find out more here.

Presence is a 21 day group experience, centered around helping you identify your triggers and break your attachment to your phone and any other devices you feel reliant on. (Value - $150)

Find out more here.


I love tapping with a group of people in C&C because it reminds me that we all experience the same feelings at different times, and the energy is really uplifting. Erin has this beautiful way of taking your words and transforming them to help you see have more awareness of how they feel in your body. I always get something new from our sessions, and I feel so uplifted, empowered, and hopeful when we finish. Such a beautiful community- thanks Erin!

Miranda P 

Connect and Clear has been a crucial tool in my life, especially during 2021 when the world was so uncertain and things were challenging. Regularly having time to release my emotions helps me make sure I don’t bottle things up. It makes me feel more grounded and aligned. I love the way Erin holds space for us and the group is so supportive 

Gabriella M

My Connect + Clear session was my first experience of EFT and I was blown away by how quickly I was able to shift my heavy exhausted energy into a lighter, far more positive energy. I honestly felt about 1000 times better after the session than I did before. The tapping itself was incredibly soothing and Erin created a really wonderful space for us all to comfortably share and relax whilst tying it all together nicely with some journaling and meditation. I’m already looking forward to my next Connect + Clear session and would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to take their self care and healing practice to the next level.

Julia T

Frequently Asked Questions


What is EFT? What is Tapping?

EFT stands for "Emotional Freedom Technique", and it is a combination of Chinese Medicine and Modern Psychology.

It blends gentle tapping on meridian or acupressure points with the verbal or mental acknowledgement of whatever it is that is causing stress in the mind and body.

This could be a negative thought, emotion or even a physical problem like a headache.

EFT is a non-invasive, easy and practical tool that you can use independently or under the guidance of a Practitioner.


What is Connect + Clear?

Connect + Clear is an online group tapping (EFT) session open to anyone who feels like they need some extra support to clear the daily stress, overwhelm and tension that we all experience.


This is a safe space for you to work with EFT to clear the stress and emotional burdens that are holding you back from truly thriving.


The aim of the circle is for you to connect with yourself, with others and for you to gain a sense of peace, acceptance and clarity.


I invite you to attend these sessions regularly as a powerful part of your self-care practice.


I've never tried tapping before... is Connect + Clear for me?


Yes absolutely.


This techniqiue is beautiful in its simplicity, and easy for beginners to adopt.


A group session is a lovely space for you to learn the technique in a supportive and safe environment, with my support available live.


Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes! As part of your Membership you will get access to all recordings so you can catch up or replay in your own time if you can't make it live. This membership is on a dedicated platform called Mighty Networks, so is available to everyone!


All Members get access to the private group which will serve as our online space for you to stay up to date on events, access circle recordings, receive support and connect with each other. 


What happens in Connect + Clear?

This session is a blend of meditation, self-reflection, journalling and of course plenty of tapping.


We first ground into the space with a breathing exercise or meditation, before sharing in the chat box how we're feeling. Based on the energy of the group, any common themes we'll begin tapping to relieve stress, exhaustion or overwhelm.


There is also space for you to take yourself off mute for a Hot Seat, where I can work directly with a block you're experiencing. It's incredible what we can shift together in just 10 minutes.


Finally we'll close the session with reflection and integration, before parting ways for an excellent nights sleep!


Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, this is a flexible membership so there is no minimum commitment. If you cancel a foundation membership and decide to rejoin in future, you’ll need to pay current day rates.

If you’re experiencing financial difficulty and would like to pause your membership you can reach out to me directly to arrange.


Does EFT actually work?

It is an exciting time to be an EFT Practitioner as the body of research supporting EFT as a proven method is growing!

You can read a short synopsis of the science behind EFT here.

If you're unsure and a bit skeptical, I encourage you to give it a go and see the results you get personally.

Research has proven that EFT has a profound impact on the amygdala in the brain. This is where our stress hormones are regulated, and after an hour of tapping Cortisol has shown to drop by 37%.

By using EFT regularly you can build new pathways in the brain that allow you feel less stressed, calmer and more at ease.


What’s included in my Membership?

  • Fortnightly online group EFT tapping circles, held via Zoom on the 2nd Tuesday and 4th Sunday of every month.

  • Access to any past tapping circles via recording.

  • Access to a private community.

  • Exclusive access to courses and programs

  • Direct support & coaching from me via the live calls

  • Each month there is a set theme for us to work to. Plus! Additional content is regularly made available including Guest Teachers, Tailored Videos, Webinars, and Meditations.


A Supportive Community and Live Tapping Circles designed to help you find your centre and soften.


A Supportive Community and Live Tapping Circles designed to help you find your centre and soften.



Monthly Subscription

Annual Subscription

Miniumum 3 month commitment

Save $59 AUD

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