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Why do we focus on the negative when we tap?

“I thought I had to be positive and high-vibe?”

“Isn’t it better to think about good things?”

“Will I manifest something bad, or create more negative energy if I focus on heavy emotions or thoughts?”

These are some of the most common questions people ask me when they begin practising EFT, and all of these questions (I believe) have roots in toxic positivity - because the truth is you can’t brainwash yourself into happiness, and you can’t create more pain simply by thinking about it.

Often old emotions, memories, beliefs and trauma’s get stuck in our physical, emotional and energetic system, either lying dormant or actively affecting how we feel, how we see the world and the choices we make in life. It’s so important to address the truth of what’s going on for us emotionally and energetically - to resolve what’s beneath the surface.

EFT is powerful, because it helps us calmly and quickly soothe and process uncomfortable emotions. It brings us through to the other side of the discomfort, and it does so gently.

When we practise tapping it’s important to bring to the surface the ‘negative’ in order to then disrupt or diffuse the heavy emotion as we tap in order to release it.

The physical act of tapping on the meridian points sends a calming signal to the amygdala in the brain, lowering our stress hormones and creating a space of safety for the body.

And when we feel safe, we are able to fully process and let go of a thought,

feeling or belief that’s been stuck in our body or energy system.

If you were to only ever tap on positive affirmations without going under the surface and addressing the truth of what you feel, you’ll likely find your results won’t be as effective as the underlying negative emotions and beliefs associated with the problem are not released.

It’s like whacking a kids bandaid on a giant wound, and hoping it gets better… whereas working on releasing the negative is stitching, disinfecting, and healing the root cause or problem. Kind of a gross analogy, but do you catch the drift?

To find freedom from an emotion that’s weighing us down - it’s important that the emotion is fully felt, expressed and released - and that’s exactly what EFT does.


If you want to experience the magic of EFT yourself, here are two ways we can work together.

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This is for you if you love group containers, and would love a way to integrate EFT into your life. In the Membership we have fortnightly tapping circles which you can catch live or via the replay, and it’s the perfect space for you to ‘tune-up’ emotionally and energetically in a supportive space. You’ll also find inside plenty of bonus calls, guest workshops, meditations and courses ready for you to dive into - including Coming Home & Presence. Explore the membership here.

👯‍♀️ Work with me 1:1 Remedy is my signature, 3 Month Immersion where I work with clients 1:1 using transformative EFT and coaching. Remedy is for you if the life you’re living is not the one you envisioned, and you find yourself constantly caught up in the daily stresses of life, feeling blocked, stuck or alone.

In 3 months we will work through past hurts, experiences and shame so you can emerge as the empowered & confident version of you. This deep work has completely transformed and changed my life, my direction, my future and I know it can do the same for you. Learn more about Remedy.


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