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Who's your 'everyone'?

Who's your "Everyone"?


Everyone will judge me.

I'm worried what everyone thinks of me.

What will everyone say if I xyz?

But are you really worried about everyone?

Or just someone?

Your everyone could be;

A parent.

A close friend.

A sibling.

A random acquaintance.

A former colleague.

Everyone normally has an identity, a name.

And a reason why you're subconsciously stuck on them, and caught up in what they may think.

How to unattach from "everyone"?

  • Acknowledge the specifics. Journal about who this person is, and why they might have an opinion about you. And most importantly ask yourself why... why does their opinion matter?

  • Write them a letter. Thanking them for input. Forgiving them for their judgement (perceived or otherwise). Send them love and let them go.

  • Cord-cutting meditation. Powerful practise and there are plenty of meditations available on youtube and Insight Timer, but I have a specific one I recommend all the time so DM me if you'd like a link.

  • Use EFT and tap on your perception of their judgement and how this person makes you feel. Focusing in on the emotions, the feeling in the body and the ways you feel limited by "everyone".

Pinpointing your everyone is the first step in letting them go, so you can begin to let go of the anxiety that comes with a fear of judgement.

Does this resonate? Do you feel ready to un-attach from their perceived power over your actions? x


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