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Welcome to The Healing Space

I’m kicking off 2023 with an exciting announcement, and an introduction to my new baby - a brand spanking new podcast! 🎙💞

✨Step into the The Healing Space with me ✨

I have been quietly working away on this poddie for the past few months, and I am delighted to let you know that she has officially gone live, and can now be found on all your favourite podcast platforms.

I’ve created The Healing Space to showcase how far-reaching the benefits of tapping can be, and in each episode, you’ll be tuning into a recorded, full EFT session with some of my very generous clients and friends.

In The Healing Space…

You’ll be able to observe the full process of a tapping session, in-depth and raw.

You’ll listen as old layers, old stories, old emotions - shift.

You’ll witness the transformation, and perhaps hear your own story reflected back to you.

And the best part is that, you can choose to tap along with an episode and receive some benefits yourself, or you can simply listen. 🤍

Aside from the weekly episodes, I’ll also be sharing some bonus eps meditations, useful tools and information to support you in your own healing journey.

I’ve posted a 10-minute mini-sode explaining more about the podcast and this work which is live now (follow my links to listen!), and the first official episode will go live first thing tomorrow morning with a wonderful guest- make sure you don’t miss it ❤️

I would love for you to like, subscribe, follow (whatever you call it in podcast-land) and help me get the word out about this show - so excited to share more with you!

E xx

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Thank you for listening! Please subscribe/follow to stay up to date with future episodes and if you feel called to, I would love it if you could leave me a 5 star review, and help others find this podcast. ❤️

Join Connect + Clear, The Membership for fortnightly tapping circles (group sessions) with me, full access to my courses and more. Learn about The Membership here.

Craving some 1:1 support? My calendar is open for private EFT sessions. Book here.

Need the visual on tapping? Here are a couple of videos to support you:

And, if we're not already Instagram friends, you can find me on the gram via @erinlaishley.


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