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Unlock Your Goals with EFT Tapping: Overcoming Blocks and Finding Clarity

Have you ever sat down and written yourself a beautiful goal or vision, but discovered that you feel stuck on the next steps? I recently held a circle in Connect + Clear, The Membership that was focused on this predicament, there is a full replay in our portal, but I wanted to send you a quick snippet and some pointers just in case you find yourself feeling totally blocked right now and could use some support! When we set an intention (goal, desire) we can feel blocked around either what to do next, or we know what we should do and we feel a bit like the deer in the headlights, totally unable to move forward. If you're in this space, you might feel overwhelmed, doubtful or just fatigued by what you perceive as a long road ahead to receiving/achieving what you want. It can be layered and complicated, but it is also possible to create quick change by addressing the underlying fear, worry or doubt - freeing yourself from the mind drama and perceived limitation. First - explore what you're feeling with these prompts:

  • What is an intention/goal/desire you've been working towards that feels blocked or uncomfortable?

  • What are some thoughts/beliefs/mind drama you've been having about this intention?

  • What emotions come up when you think about this issue? For example, it could be anger, sadness, anxiety.

  • Do you feel anything in the body when you think about this issue? Could be tightness in the chest, sick feeling, headache. Back ache.

  • How strong is this emotion out of 10? 1 being very weak, 10 being extremely strong/present.

Now using your answers, you can begin tapping on the strongest emotion, using the below script as a guide: Opening Statement: Even though I have this goal, I just can’t get motivated to take action. I’m feeling a bit stuck. And it's making me feel [insert emotion] I choose to love and accept myself anyway. Head: I’m feeling so stuck. Eyebrow: There’s this thing that I want to do, but I don't know what to do, or how to do it. Side of eye: I’m feeling all this resistance to doing what I need to do Under eye: I’m so sick of myself. Under nose: I’m so frustrated with myself. Under mouth: And I feel this in my body. All of these emotions. Collarbone: This resistance to doing what I need to do or what I should be doing. To figuring out the next best step. I just can’t do it. Under arm: I wonder why I’m feeling all this resistance. Ribs: I’m feeling so stuck, and I'm open to moving through this when I feel ready. Repeat as often as needed until you feel a shift. Personally I use this practise all the time and it never fails me! I'd love to hear if you find it helpful. And remember if you'd like more then a snippet - the whole circle (and more) is included in Connect + Clear. We run regular EFT and Reiki Healing Circles if you'd like to tap with me live ❤️

Lots of love to you,

E xx

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