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Presence had one goal; to shift the relationship with our devices into something that felt morebalanced, more alert and supportive.

And it worked. ✨

Screentime’s dropped. Apps were deleted (and not reinstalled). By the end of our final group call last night everyone was feeling the benefits - less anxiety, less comparison, less noise. I have much to share on this, but here’s my key takeaways for now…

🍃 Self-Compassion & Self-Forgiveness is key

Often you reach for your phone because you’re in pain. You feel lonely. You feel sad. Or anxious. So you’re attempting to soothe yourself and to avoid discomfort. This is incredibly human - you’re not naughty or bad for doing this. But it is possible have compassion for yourself as you empower yourself to make a difference choice.

🌿 Bad days will happen, choose again

Success is not linear (is anything??). I had one week where my screentime was down to less then two hours a day, I had a shitty day and it jumped up considerably. I didn’t throw in the towel, I chose again the next day, and the one after that and so on and so forth. See last point, forgive yourself and bring yourself back to your intentions, your body, your breath. It all comes out in the wash.

🍃 Space will feel uncomfortable at first, and then you’ll crave it

Staring off at the sky begins to feel like a comfort, walking in nature feels refreshing, focusing on just one thing feels empowering. We’ve forgotten what life is like when it has our undivided attention (it’s actually pretty effing great.)

🌿 The work is in the discomfort

Habits aren’t broken on the surface, but beneath it. The loneliness you feel. The anxiety caused by a situation. The need to escape rather than find peace in acceptance. Going into the icky bits is key to finding that peace, and processing the pain is the most important part.

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