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Tapping FAQ: How does EFT Tapping help with feeling overwhelmed?

Let’s zoom in on a feeling I’m sure you’ve felt multiple times - you might even be feeling it right now… Overwhelm 😬

To be overwhelmed is to find yourself entirely submerged in a flood of thoughts and emotions. It can be hard to even zoom in on what the root cause is, what to do or say and can leave you feeling really stuck in the rut. If you don’t address your overwhelm - it can build into something bigger and start to have a bigger impact on your mental health and happiness levels.

So, we’ve all been there - but how and why can EFT help?

💓 It reduces your stress, effectively and quickly.

When you tap, you send a calming signal to the amygdala in your brain, soothing your fight/flight response and calming the nervous system.

💓 It helps your regulate your emotions.

Often beneath overwhelm is a deeper emotion, that we can’t really see when everything is so elevated. When you tap and reduce your overwhelm, the layers of emotion become clearer, and we can process & accept what we’re actually feeling.

💓 Disrupts the negative thoughts.

EFT is an excellent circuit breaker. If you’re overwhelmed by a barrage of inner criticism, tapping can help you pull out of the spiral and reset. Reducing the charge or power of a negative thought helps create space for new, more positive thoughts.

💓 Helps you land back in your body

When you’re overwhelmed, you’re in your head and probably pretty disconnected from your body. But your body has immense wisdom available to you, so when you tap and slow things down, it becomes much easier to listen to it.

In my experience, clearing the fogginess of overwhelm takes only a few rounds of tapping to work through. It’s possible to have all of the above happen for you in a short practise and I promise you the results can be really profound.

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