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Tap like a Pro: The Three Pillars

The Three Pillars, aka: The secret to keeping your tapping focused for absolute golden results. There are a lot of fancy tapping scripts floating around, and they certainly have their place when you’re feeling stuck or unsure about where to start when using EFT.

But I’m a huge advocate for tapping with mindfulness, awareness, and clear intentions... something that is not always done if we’re following a script of someone else’s words. Sure, you’ll usually get some results, and feel more relaxed, but you may miss some of the core aspects that are unique to you if you only ever tap this way.

Tapping is always most effective and most powerful when it’s targeted to you - your words, your emotions, your thoughts, and beliefs - this is where the magic happens. What are the pillars? 🌟 What am I feeling?

Are you feeling angry? Pissed off? Are you feeling sad? Agitated? Is it anxiety? Or is it overwhelm? Maybe you’re stressed. Frustrated. Annoyed. Devastated.

Name your feelings in language that makes sense to you. 🌟 Where do I feel this in my body?

Is it tightness in your chest? A sick feeling in your stomach. Are you clenching your jaw? Feeling itchy? Sweaty? Hot all over? Is there a sharpness in your shoulder? Straining in your back?

Your body is always speaking to you. What is it saying today?

🌟 How high is the discomfort? Give it a rating out of 10, write this number down and revisit it regularly to check-in.

Imagine a scale of 1-10. 10 is extreme discomfort and 1 is complete comfort. Tune into that feeling, that sensation in the body. What is your number out of 10?

Write this number down and continue to check in as you tap. As you tap, you can keep it simple and stick to whatever comes up as you ask yourself these questions. Don’t be worried about repeating yourself, just stay tuned in and present, and notice how things start to shift as you tap. Remember to always drink lots of water, be kind to yourself, and take time to reflect after tapping. I often find that I have new ideas and realisations drop in after just a few minutes of EFT. It’s incredible what we can create once the fog is lifted. E x


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