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The answers you seek are in the surrender. In the space between knowing, and not knowing. Patience. The muscle to strengthen, to grow. The muscle we must learn to lean on. For it is patience and faith that allow us to stand strong and steadfast in times of chaos. In times of sorrow; of black tunnels and closed doors.

It is patience and trust that leads us to the rewards we wish to reap, the bounty following the sow.

It is patience and the surrender of control that pulls us to follow our heart, our true north. Even when we’re surrounded by conflicting views. Opinions. Thoughts. Through it all, it is patience we find as we soften in quiet anticipation. And in this stillness, in the ebb before the flow; the soul can speak. The heart's whisper grows louder. We align to our truth. So we wait. Trusting that the path will clear. That the solution will surface, and the answer will come. We wait, and then we wait some more. Often in life, we can’t plan or obsess or overthink our way to what is truly destined for us. It is frustrating. Annoying. We tap our feet and complain that fate needs to hustle. But can we pause in these moments of our humanity? Can we feel into it? Enjoy it. Cherish it. All is on its way. Surrender.


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