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Strengthening boundaries & feeling safe to stand your ground with Gabi Moran

This week on the podcast I welcome the wonderful Gabi Moran from Mother Natures Alchemist into The Healing Space with me. 💗

Gabi is a beautiful soul, with the most relaxing and calming energy - and she brings this energy to everything she does in her business, from Restorative Yoga to Human Design readings. Gabi offers a sanctuary for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation for the nervous system, she is passionate about helping those who may be stressed, tired, unwell or injured to rest & restore.

In this episode, we explore some of the overwhelm Gabi has been feeling, something that has amplified after coming home from a dreamy few months of travel. We also explore some of the ways in which her boundaries have been tested, which was causing a deep sense of guilt and stress, that she was struggling to shake. This session was the perfect remedy for Gabi, it helped strengthen her boundaries, come home to her self - so if you’re in need of a similar tune-up, you’ll enjoy this one!

You'll find this session helpful if: You're feeling incredibly overwhelmed. You feel tested. You'd like to let go of the guilt & resentment, and come back to yourself.

Connect with Gabi via Instagram @mothernaturesalchemist

Erin’s tapping sessions are a staple in my life. They provide me with the space to process and release my emotions and work through any blocks I might have.

Erin is a beautiful space holder who makes you feel seen, heard and understood.

During and after this session I was able to release emotions and thought patterns that no longer served me. I felt I had more space between myself and my worries and I felt more confident to set boundaries and cope with life.

I always leave a session feeling lighter and calmer.

I recommend Erin to everyone I know, and I look forward to all of the future membership sessions and special events!

- Gabi

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