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Replenishing from burnout and releasing procrastination with Bella Nichol

This week on the podcast I welcome the amazing Bella Nichol into The Healing Space with me! ✨

Bella has been on a real journey the past 12 months - she tested positive to the Huntingtons Disease gene, which has changed her direction and put her on a journey of healing and change. She is raising awareness on Huntingtons and sharing her journey via @positively_bel, so be sure to check out her content to learn more about this disease, and the challenges gene-positive people face. Bella has been apart of Connect + Clear, The Membership for over a year now so EFT has played an important part for her in releasing grief, heaviness and stress that naturally has weighed her down.

In this session we start with where Bella is at - feeling burnt-out and depleted following an exhausting round of IVF, coupled with her final few weeks of University. This was manifesting not just as tiredness, but procrastination and resistance to finishing her last couple of assignments.

This is a beautiful session, moving from heaviness to a place of self-compassion and lightness.

You’ll find this session helpful if: You feel depleted, heavy and tired. You’ve been procrastinating. You need to start practising more compassion and kindness towards yourself.

I found this particular session with Erin really transformative. It highlighted some of the emotions and energies that I had been holding onto after completing our first round of IVF, and allowed me the space to clear these.

She also helped me work on some feelings of procrastination and exhaustion around some upcoming stressful uni assignments, which I am happy to say were all completed and submitted in the days following.

Tapping into emotions and releasing them truly is the best way to move forward from situations, and Erin's techniques allow you to tap in to what needs to be cleared, clear the emotions safely and move forward with new energy and momentum in life.

Erin truly is magical!

- Bella

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