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Releasing a Persistent Phobia & Feeling Ready for Change with Cassie Mendoza-Jones

This week I welcome the amazing Cassie Mendoza-Jones into The Healing Space with me. 💞

Cassie is a business coach & kinesiologist (amongst other things!). She works with women who are driven, devoted and honouring their dreams, and who want to become more powerfully aligned to their bigger vision. She’s also a Mum of two beautiful little humans! Cassie is brilliant at what she does, and although this episode isn’t about business at all- if you’re seeking a business coach who can help you deepen your belief in yourself, I can’t recommend Cassie enough!

All of that aside, this session was an excellent reminder for how EFT can quickly and effectively release phobias that may have been plaguing you for years. It can manifest in many different ways, maybe you find yourself stuck in a mental loop, or you're familiar with that surge of anxiety that flares up when you're triggered or confronted by your fear head-on. A phobia lingers because usually there is an underlying fear or story at the root of your anxiety, waiting to be addressed and cleared - and EFT helps to neutralise and disarm the phobia.

So, in this session, we dive deep on a fear Cassie had around getting sick in the middle of the night following some difficult experiences she’d had with her babies. We also worked on some resistance Cassie was feeling around moving into their new home and some anxiety she had about things not going to plan.

You’ll find this session helpful if: You have a phobia you can’t seem to shake. You feel anxious about experiencing change. You’re feeling ready to make peace with what is.

Connect with Cassie:

My session with Erin was incredible.

She was so intuitive and picked up on so many little things that I hadn’t noticed, which brought such a depth to the session. I felt such a shift and almost immediately felt so different then when we’d begun.

The night of our session, I had no midnight anxiety and in the days afterward, I was so not attached to both of the reasons we’d worked to clear in my session.

So much space was created for how I’d rather be feeling and showing up. I absolutely loved my tapping with Erin and would 10/10 recommend her to anyone! She is such a gift.

- Cassie

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