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Radical change doesn't need to feel uncomfortable.

Radical change doesn’t need to feel uncomfortable.

One of my favourite things about EFT is that it’s so gentle.

It creates a feeling of safety in the body;

Calming the nervous system. Sending soothing signals to the stress centre of the brain.

Why is this so important?

Because It allows us to tackle the discomfort - not to bypass it or push it down - but rather to process it, to feel it in a way that doesn’t send us into a stress spiral.

This can include anything from unresolved anxiety around a past event to issues of grief and trauma.

When we process and feel through our emotions we create a change, because we close the loop on something our body has been potentially repeating for years.

Anger is quelled so we feel clearer.

Sadness lifts so we can connect to hope.

Anxiety shifts so we can feel grounded.

The seeds of radical change begin with addressing our emotional and energetic bodies, and taking action from this place.

Ready to create some change in your life? Let’s work together in Remedy: 3 Month Immersion. Private 1:1 EFT sessions to help you transform your discomfort into your power.

If you'd like to chat, I have space in my calendar for a free 20 minute call to talk about your unique needs. Follow this link to book in xx


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