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“Your relentless quest for perfection is killing your spirit.”

This is the cycle, the one that you can’t seem to break.

You fail to meet your own expectations. You get angry at yourself. You punish yourself with ugly thoughts. You soothe yourself with your vice of choice.

Which, of course, is against your expectation.

So you’re angry. Then you punish yourself. And soothe yourself. Angry. Punish. Soothe. Angry. Punish. Soothe.

No matter the day, the time, or how well you seem to be doing. It always comes back to this. It’s like a mental merry-go-round. Never-ending.⠀

Your relentless quest for perfection is killing your spirit. Your confidence. You. In essence, it comes down to this; “If I was perfect- I’d be deserving of love. I’d have more friends. More sex. I’d feel better. Like I mean something. Like I matter.” And that’s why it’s a cycle. That’s why our insecurities seem inescapable- why they shift and slither, sticking with us no matter what size we are, or how many goals we hit. It is not a crime to want to look and feel amazing. To be productive and powerful. To have your shit sorted.

But the way we’ve been taught to handle self-improvement, and therein what it means to be a healthy woman in this world - Many of these ideas are toxic. And those ideas. Those nasty, niggly beliefs. Are the first things we should try to shed. If you're ready to shift these beliefs, to find your new paradigm let's chat about how we can work together to help you quit the cycle and find your flow. E xx


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