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No longer feeling guilty & living with an open heart with Jayne Martin

This week on the podcast I welcome the lovely Jayne Martin into The Healing Space with me! Jayne is a Self-Worth Coach and Spiral Practitioner - her mission is to empower women to recognise their own value and worth, just as they are, without having to fit themselves into a box, do more or hustler harder.

In this session, we focused on so many things! From a block Jayne felt to writing her book, to releasing guilt around not working hard enough and feeling safe to leave social media - so much ground was covered and so many shifts occurred! This was such a fun session to record, and I can’t wait to hear what you think.

You’ll find this session helpful if: You have a big project you’re feeling fearful around. You’ve been feeling guilty. You’re craving a more open-hearted life.

If you'd like to visit her instagram (now out of use!) Check it out here.

My EFT session with Erin led to a big (unexpected) breakthrough!

The day after our session, I finally made an empowering decision, one that I'd been putting off for months. I didn't realise how much my indecision was impacting me until it just 'happened' to come up in our session.

Tapping on it, and clearing my fear and resistance provided me with huge relief. Afterwards I felt like a heavy weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

If you feel drawn to EFT and / or working with Erin, I highly recommend working with her. She is a gentle, authentic and compassionate Practitioner who is passionate about EFT and helping others.

Thanks Erin. I'm so grateful for our session. I loved it!

- Jayne

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