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Navigating all the moving parts and letting go of self-doubt with Hollie Azzopardi

This week I welcome the wonderful Hollie Azzopardi into The Healing Space with me for a session. If you don't know Hollie, you should! She is a leading Mind, Body & Soul mentor, intuitive, model, speaker and author - her energy is infectious, her work is powerful and she has a real knack for sharing exactly what you need to hear.

In this session, we begin with the overwhelm Hollie was feeling at this particular time, just before her book launch and her little girls first birthday as she moves out of a difficult year. At the start of the session, so many moving parts were weighing on her, but throughout our time together we soothed and cleared the underlying stress, anxiety and shame, so that Hollie could step into her next chapter feeling excited, beautiful and magnetic.

You'll find this session helpful if: You experience overwhelm, doubt or lack confidence in yourself, and are seeking some lightness.

Connect with Hollie:

I am always blown away by how powerful Erin's work is. I came into the space desiring to work on one topic, and we ended up working on multiple threads that I hadn't anticipated, but deeply needed.

Her space is always so safely held, which allows me to fully release all I have been navigating - in this particular session, much around birth and postpartum grief and trauma, as well as body image challenges.

I always leave our time together feeling stronger, clearer and more in my power and am forever grateful to be able to turn to Erin when I have anything particularly heavy to move through.

- Hollie

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