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Letting go of people-pleasing and finding the strength to say "no" with Ash Ryan

This week on the podcast I welcome the lovely Ash Ryan from Evolve Virtual Support into The Healing Space with me.

Ash made the big leap way back in 2020, leaving her corporate career to start her own business as an Online Business Manager, supporting female entrepreneurs in their growth & strategy. Like for many of us, Ash has found that being in biz has brought up all kind of blocks, beliefs and everything in between, and this is something we really explore in this session getting righ to the root of why the expectations of others have been weighing her down. Ash had burnt herself out by trying to be all things to all people, neglecting her own self-care and growth - we go deep on this in this episode, and I think you'll enjoy listening to the shift as it happens!

You'll find this session helpful if: You're a people-pleaser. You need some boundaries ASAP. You'd like to be comfortable with saying "no".

If you'd like to connect with Ash, you can find her via Instagram @evolve_virtualsupport

I have always found tapping sessions with Erin to be transformative, in the sense that I always leave feeling lighter, happier and less anxious than when I stepped in.

EFT tapping has become one of my favourite tools to use in my self care toolbox, and I find myself leaning on Erin’s resources particularly, when it comes to blocks or challenges I am having in running a business.

Erin has such a calm, warm and friendly vibe and is so welcoming of you each and every time, no matter how you show up to session. Through the power of EFT and Erin’s guidance my relationship to myself, my productivity and my potential has shifted.

- Ash

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