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I'll be ready when...

Sometimes I’m the queen of this statement.

Here’s an example.

I need some new jeans.

I have jeans, but my body has changed since last winter so my current pair aren’t really doing it for me…

So I look at jeans online, I try them on at the shops, I browse and ponder but ultimately I haven’t committed to a new pair… Why?

Because part of me thinks that my body will change back to how it was last year - and then, and only then will I be ready for a new pair of jeans.

That “one day” when I’m a smaller size, will be when in my *true* form, and the best size for me to invest in a pair of good jeans.

Aka. I’ll be ready for good jeans, when I’m smaller.

And what’s underneath these thoughts?

I’m not enough as I am.

It’s not safe for me to look like this.

I’m not worthy of a $100 pair of pants unless I’m a size 12.

Interesting right? It’s never just about the jeans.

What are you putting off, hiding from or not committing too because you don’t feel “ready”?

Because here’s the truth of the matter…

You are ready now.

You are perfect now.

You are deserving now.

And you are powerful, right now. Even if it doesn’t feel that way.

There is no single magical moment where the stars align, the angels sing, the clouds part and you suddenly feel deserving and ready to go for it.

In fact, it’s actually a cohesion - a blend of small yes’s tiny actions and teeny steps forward that help you create what you want..

If you’re forever putting off the things you want to do, or the desires you want to call in… you’re missing out on life.

Life is in the living, not the waiting, the delaying. Not from the anxiety that comes from dwelling in the space of “one day”.

Feeling all blocked up around taking a step forward?

It’s time for a new pair of jeans, babe.

E xx


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