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Healing through Grief

Grief isn’t limited to the loss of a loved one - we can grieve the loss of anything that once made us feel stable and safe.

I think in the last 18 months, we’ve all been grieving in one way or another, and as we recognise this, we can take steps to heal our grief, to make our way to the other side of it. Maybe you’ve cancelled a dream trip. Maybe you’ve lost the job you loved. Maybe you have lost someone close to you, or maybe you’ve had a worrying diagnosis yourself. Perhaps you’re in heavy lockdown and you’re grieving the loss of the small freedoms you used to take for granted.

We all feel grief, and on the hardest days, I’ve found that going softly, and ramping up the self-care is so important. Slowing down. Coming back to your centre. Allowing your grief. This is how we heal. Here are just a few things I recommend when you need to be gentle with yourself:

Yin Yoga or Yoga Nidra

Both of these practices inspire deep rest and allow you to be present in your body. As you gently stretch in Yin Yoga, you release stagnant emotions. And as you listen to a Nidra meditation, you calm the nervous system. There are lots of free yin yoga videos on YouTube, and my favourite Yoga Nidra meditations are on Insight Timer.

Drink a Soothing Brew

Create the space for a mindful practice with your favourite cuppa. Whether it’s a rich cacao or a calming herbal tea. Brew, sip and warm yourself from the inside out.

Cacao is my current go-to for warming the heart.

Delete Your Apps

Even if it’s just for a day, taking some time away from scrolling can help you to reset and process how you’re feeling. Remember less distraction leads to more connection.

Tap & Breathe

If you’re feeling distressed, it can be hard to get the words out. An effective way to calm yourself down is to tap through the points and take deep breaths. This is the basis of the modality ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’ or EFT. Repeat as necessary to gently calm and soothe yourself.


When in doubt, have a nap. Rest is incredibly healing. Have a nap or an early night to help the process. If you’re struggling to settle, try listening to a guided meditation like Yoga Nidra to help you let go and relax into sleep.


Grief can be painful and scary, but feelings are meant to be felt. Allow your emotions to flow, let yourself cry, scream, do whatever you need, to fully grieve. Processing is so important, so don’t hold back.

This is a shortlist. Of course, there are countless other ways we can take care of ourselves. Seek help. Share your grief. Lighten your load. But always be forgiving and gentle with yourself on bad days.

Share below how you like to slow down

E x


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