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Clearing the resistance to exercise and a fear of being misunderstood with Miranda Partridge

This week I welcome the delightful Miranda Partridge into The Healing Space with me for a session. 💫

Miranda is The Body Positive Nutritionist, she has an amazing holistic approach to food and works with babes who are done with diets ready to find out what actually works for their unique bodies. You can follow Miranda, and leanr more about her amazing work over on her instagram, @mirandaswellness

In this session, we begin with the resistance Miranda was feeling to exercise, sure she had some run of the mill excuses that I’m sure you’ll find relatable, but as we tapped together a few more layers of the story was revealed to fully heal and release an old pattern. We also worked on a fear Miranda had around using her voice, to share her journey and a deep fear of being misunderstood but throughout the session we soothed and cleared her apprehension so that she felt more confident, aligned and lighter.

You'll find this session helpful if: You can’t seem to find a routine that sticks. You resist exercising, and make up plenty of excuses. You feel apprehensive about sharing or voicing something important to you.

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