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Acceptance of what is, is the path to peace. Is it easy? Fuck, no. It’s hard. We resist it. Something within us wants to shy away from the big, scary emotions that threaten us in waves, relentlessly. t’s the unknown, coupled with the pain of what is.It’s complex, and messy and oh-so uncomfortable coming to terms with a world that has been turned upside down. But here’s the thing. When we sit in the space of wishful thinking, we only perpetuate the pain. “If things were different…” “If they were here…” “If I was there…” “If this hadn’t happened...” The relief from the discomfort does not lie in the land of ‘if only’. Acceptance is a word that is easy to say, but much harder to practise. We must feel to heal. We must lean into the discomfort to find the relief. We don’t have to do it alone. And we certainly don’t have to it quickly. But that’s why acceptance is a path to peace, not a space we arrive in, suddenly or with necessary ease. Loss is an excellent magnifier. It draws our attention to the small things that sustain us, as we traverse the loss of something (or someone) precious. As we anchor back into ourselves and find our bearings, we can begin to make sense of the world again. Of our new selves. Moulded and changed by loss.By what could have been. The fear, the sadness - it leaves it’s mark. But we are still here. Breathing. Feeling. Living. Acceptance is… Surrendering to the imperfection. Mourning all the things that could have been in order to let them go. Sitting with discomfort. Crying. Moving. Shifting. Yelling. Anything to allow a physical (and energetic) release. Choosing healing over avoidance. Resting. Slowing down. Stopping. And allowing the feeling to be felt. Acceptance is Self Love in Motion. E xx


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