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What is nudging you to be brought into the light?

Part of the work I do is coaxing out the emotions, thoughts and perceptions (of self, of the world around us) that lay dormant for all of us.

Your body does an incredible job at storing old pain, old emotions and memories - we’re so good at stuffing our feelings down, putting them aside to avoid discomfort.

But this pain doesn’t just disappear and without being fully felt it can lay dormant for years, occasionally resurfacing as a trigger, physical pain or strange instances of history repeating (aka the universe creating fun opportunities for us to heal).

The secret fears. The hang-ups. The jealousy. The anger. The intense sadness.

All sitting under the surface, biding time.

We maintain our grip, hoping we can fix ourselves quietly without anyone ever seeing our guilty depths.

But to release these burdens, these fears and limitations - you simply must bring them into the light. Wide open often spaces liberate. And with some light, with a release - we can breathe a little deeper, see a little clearer. Radical change is possible, when we move through the discomfort and find the other side.

The deepest transformations in my life have come from sitting in sacred space held by others - and it’s my honour to return the favour for those who choose to work with me.

If you could use some release, a remedy to what lies beneath - I have 1:1 spots available in my 3 Month Immersion. Use EFT to gently let go, and call in a new, lighter way of being.

It's possible to lighten the load x


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