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There’s no such thing as behind.

No opportunity is truly missed. No pre-destined path you’ve bypassed and left untaken. Here’s what you must know: Your worth is not measured in the external; by what you can give, the things you can do, or the affirmations you receive. By your achievements. Your climb up the ladder. The dollars in your bank account.


Your worth is within. It transcends all you see before you and it’s always been there, beautiful in waiting. You are not a machine, and you deserve to rest, respite. A chance to breathe away from the chaos of others' thoughts, feelings, energy.

So pull back from whatever’s draining you. Step away. Quieten things down. Just for a day. Take time to reflect, to truly recharge. This is the journey of uncovering.

Revealing. Remembering. And this is where you’ll find stability. Clarity. Yourself.


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