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EFT Workshops, Circles and Courses with Accredited Practitioner Erin Laishley

Do you want to integrate EFT with your Business, and introduce your clients to this transformative tool?

Because we are emotional beings, the impacts of EFT tapping is far-reaching, and has many applications.

As a coach you may notice your clients get stuck on certain limiting beliefs and struggle to shift their mindset.

As a business consultant, you may see clients self-sabotage constantly thanks to some money blocks.

As a nutritionist, you may try to support your clients with lifestyle changes but find their current habits can be hard to shift.

In every avenue of life, we can find ourselves stuck, lost, anxious or overwhelmed. 

It can keep us feeling limited when we crave expansion. Low when we seek joy. Shying away when we'd love to step forward.

All of these issues (and I'm sure many, many more) can be addressed with EFT quickly and effectively - which makes it the perfect tool to add to your clients belt.

I love sharing EFT with new communities, holding space for transformation and teaching others how to take their healing into their own hands with Tapping.

Want to learn more about my offerings in this space? You can access my collaboration pack below, and once you've had a read-through I'd love to meet with you and learn more about your clients, and how we can work together to support them with EFT.

Kind Words

"I knew I had to get Erin on board when I was producing content for the membership around releasing new offerings. Strategy is so important, but what is equally as important is to have the mindset work to support you through this expansive process.


Looking at things like being visible, feeling worthy to charge more, and moving through procrastination when it feels hard. All of these things need to be addressed, as you can have the best strategy but if your mindset isn't on point, it's going to sabotage all your efforts.

Having experienced the benefits of EFT, I knew Erin could provide some incredible tools and training to accompany the strategy I offered and she didn't disappoint! The training and EFT tapping routines by Erin are some of the most popular content inside the membership, and for a great reason — they're easy to use, actionable, and they work!


I'd recommend Erin to any business owner or individual who needs tools and support to level up their mindset to help them achieve any goal. Thanks so much, Erin, the membership loves you and

we'll definitely be getting you back in!"

Peta Serras, The Professional Babe 

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