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Hi, I'm Erin!

And firstly, I'm so grateful you're here. 

I'm an accredited EFT Practitioner who is focused on helping people rediscover their own kind of peace and freedom.

Often we feel stuck in a cycle - it could be one of physical pain, grief, anxiety or self-sabotage.

Maybe you feel overwhelmed. Or like a failure. Perhaps you feel like an imposter, lacking confidence in yourself or your own ability.

You've done some inner work and started noticing the repetitive thoughts, the negative self-talk and the limiting beliefs but try as you might you just can't shake that shit off.

I want you to know that if you're ready to drop those habits, patterns and beliefs that are holding you back - you're in the right place. 

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping; is a powerful tool that can help you transform your pain and help you to finally release whatever it is that's been holding you back.

The dream life you've been hoping for is totally possible, and it begins with you.

Are you ready to go deeper?

Craving Change?

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Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a transformational self-help tool that combines gentle touch of certain acupressure points and voicing our thoughts and feelings in order to release and transform our feelings, thoughts and experiences.

Studies have shown that tapping has a direct effect on the amygdala in the brain, reducing cortisol levels and helping you to get out of the flight or fight. Using EFT, you can reduce your stress levels and calm the nervous system which allows you to see things more clearly and feel more at peace.

As we begin to notice, acknowledge and transform how we carry our emotions, we begin to see just how this may be contributing to pain, illness or other personal challenges. EFT does not fix or remove emotions, rather it creates a safe space for us to release stress so that we can process emotions fully - and when we process we also have the potential to fully release trauma, physical pain and patterns.

Tapping Can Help You...


Stress & Anxiety

Relieve Physical



Cravings & Habits

Improve Your


Release Negative Thoughts & Emotions

Increase Your Confidence

Let Go of

Limiting Beliefs

Feel Calmer &
More at Peace

Client Love

I am always blown away by how powerful Erin's work is.

In a recent session, I came into the space desiring to work on one topic, and we ended up working on multiple threads that I hadn't anticipated, but deeply needed.


Her space is always so safely held, which allows me to fully release all I have been navigating - in this particular session, much around birth and postpartum grief and trauma, as well as body image challenges.


I always leave our time together feeling stronger, clearer and more in my power and am forever grateful to be able to turn to Erin when I have anything particularly heavy to move through.

Hollie Azzopardi, Mind, Body + Soul Mentor & Author

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I have always found tapping sessions with Erin to be transformative, in the sense that I always leave feeling lighter, happier and less anxious than when I stepped in..

I have been a part of Erin’s world for two years now and have benefited
greatly from her expertise in tapping – firstly through her community workshops and then when I stepped into her membership.

EFT tapping has become one of my favourite tools to use in my self care toolbox, and I find myself leaning on Erin’s resources particularly when it comes to blocks or challenges, I am having in running a business.

Erin has such a calm, warm and friendly vibe and is so welcoming of you each and every time, no matter how you show up to session.

Through the power of EFT and Erin’s guidance my relationship to myself, my productivity and my potential has shifted. I feel that everyone would  benefit from time with Erin and am so grateful for all I have learnt about myself through our time together.

Ash Ryan, Evolve Virtually


I had never practised EFT in a 1:1 session before so I was quite nervous and unsure what to expect...

I went into the session with some thoughts of what it would be like but it ended up being so much more than I expected. I had so many things come up that I hadn't even realised I was holding onto subconsciously and Erin was able to help me shift through them with so much ease.


The main thing I wanted to work on with Erin was my money mindset and how I continually hit an income level and couldn't seem to exceed it and within the same month, I had my biggest month in business.


My session with Erin was incredible and I'll definitely be back in the future! 

Shorina Page, Counsellor & Coach &

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My session with Erin was incredible.

I went to her with something that was really impacting me on an almost-daily basis (a quite random fear of getting gastro in the middle of the night, because… kids!) as well as some stress around an upcoming move and lifestyle change, and she held me through such a powerful clearing session.


She was so intuitive and picked up on so many little things that I hadn’t noticed, which brought such a depth to the session. I felt such a shift and almost immediately felt so different than when we’d begun. The night of our session, I had no midnight anxiety and in the days afterward, I was so not attached to both of the reasons we’d worked to clear in my session.


So much space was created for how I’d rather be feeling and showing up. I absolutely loved my tapping with Erin and would 10/10 recommend her to anyone! She is such a gift.

Cassie Mendoza-Jones, Business Coach, Kinesiologist & Author


My EFT session with Erin led to a big

(unexpected) breakthrough!

The day after our session, I finally made an empowering decision, one that I'd been putting off for months. I didn't realise how much my indecision was impacting me until it just 'happened' to come up in our session.


Tapping on it, and clearing my fear and resistance provided me with huge relief. Afterwards I felt like a heavy weight had been lifted off my shoulders.


If you feel drawn to EFT and / or working with Erin, I highly recommend working with her. She is a gentle, authentic and compassionate Practitioner who is passionate about EFT and helping others.

Thanks Erin. I'm so grateful for our session. I loved it!

Jayne Martin, Self-Worth Coach and Spiral Practitioner

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