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What actually happens in a tapping circle?

I talk a lot about the regular circles I hold within Connect + Clear, The Membership - but what actually happens in these sessions?

Let me break it down for you.

1 / Beginning

We begin each circle with a check-in, a meditation and a connection back in with the body and the breath, and then once we’ve taken a few moments to slow down, we drop into some journaling, to pinpoint what feels most pressing to practise some tapping on.

2/ Middle

The best part, we begin tapping. I use everyone's responses and weave it into my intuitive flow - I tap, I speak and you tap and repeat. It’s that simple. We check in quite often to see if things are shifting, if anything has crystalised or if a fresh emotion has popped up.

After a few clearing rounds, we move into hot seat where 1 or 2 people come off mute and get direct coaching around a specific issue they need to go a bit deeper on. We then collectively tap as a group on this one issue - knowing that as we tap in support of another's issue, we still receive benefits ourselves. These little micro-sessions are always so powerful and we see things shift quickly!

3 / End

Finally when everyone is feeling golden we move into reflection and setting some intentions, before tapping on these new found affirmations, feelings and perspectives to ground them in.

I always love to finish with a card pull, and close our space with everyone feeling connected, inspired and at peace.

These circles are special spaces - and it’s such a joy to run them fortnightly in Connect + Clear. When you join this membership you gain access to regular circles (and the recordings), my courses, bonus content and a private community of inspiring women 💞

You can join us at any time with no lock in terms! Find out more here.

We would love to welcome you.


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