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14 Things I’d Like To Remind Myself (and you) Of.

  1. Choose to love yourself more; more then your job. More then your partner. More then your excuses and your story. More then your comfort zone. More and more, each day.

  1. You don’t need to wait for permission to pursue what you want.

  2. Cosy on up to your negative emotions- sadness, loneliness, anger. See what you learn.

  3. Find a practise that grounds you, centres you. Yoga, knitting, tantric breathing or running around the block with your pooch. Anything.

  4. Commit to seeing both sides, seek out cause & effect. Accept that others may be acting of fear and choose to react with love.

  5. When in doubt, be kind. When you’re feeling low- give. When you feel alone- reach out.

  6. Overthinking when you’re ready to pursue something important is like wearing cement shoes to a marathon. You literally won’t move an inch.

  7. Life is messy, tragic and rarely goes to plan. But it is also packed with joy, magic and moments that take your breath away.

  8. Generosity brings success. Never be afraid to give- time, attention, money, a hug.

  9. True expansion comes when we ask ourselves the simplest of questions; “Do I want this? Does this feel good? Is this aligned with what I desire?” And also: "How good could this get."

  10. Action breeds results. There is a time for Netflix, and there is a time for getting your ass out there. Make sure you have a mix of each- the ebb and the flow.

  11. Show up as the type of person you’d like to see more of in the world. Give a voice to those who’ve experienced injustice. Text your friend back. Create time + space for those closest to you.

  12. Strike when the iron is hot- if something excites you, feels right or charges your spirit- pursue it. Don’t allow the passing of time to dull your passion.

  13. Fail and fail brilliantly. It’s all a part of the process.

Hello again, and endless love,

E x