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Do you need to cultivate a greater connection with yourself?

As 2015 draws to a close, I've been observing a tremendous flurry of activity around me- as everyone busies themselves with planning, dreaming, envisioning what 2016 may hold.

But, confession time: as of yet, I am yet to fill out any business plan templates or set myself any lofty goals for the year ahead.

Why? Because I don't yet know what I want. Sure my ego wants me to aim for a million bucks, a packed coaching schedule and a brand new car... But babe, I'm not quite convinced that's what my soul is searching for. I feel like I need a little more time to get my bearings after a festive few weeks, to really reconnect with myself and figure out my intentions for the year ahead.

Can you relate?

My best tool for sifting through this shit is an incredibly simple one. All you need, is a notebook, a pen and a few minutes to spare.


Do you ever have those moments (days, weeks, months) where you just feel totally lost on what the heck you're supposed to be doing with your life?

Maybe you feel confused about your career, what to do in a relationship or which of the 10 gazillion fitness and food plans out there is the right one for you...

Whatever it is that's irking you, you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and unsure. Well, in my experience these feelings are a big fat warning sign that the connection with yourself (your true, awesome, kick-ass self) is a little lacklustre. The thing is, all of us have access to endless wisdom via our Inner Mentor or Guide. She's always there, just waiting for us to check in for her two cents on our current sitch'. This lady really knows her stuff, but it's up to us to connect with her and get the answers we're seeking. What does this have to do with writing down your thoughts in a pretty diary?

Journalling is my #1 all time favourite tool for self-exploration. It allows us to express our fears, thoughts, desires with out editing or crafting. It's a judgement free zone. And, with a little persistence, it's on the pages of our sacred scrawling that we stumble upon our Inner Mentor. If you ask yourself the questions, the big ones, the little ones, and you decide to answer them yourself with a pen- your intuition will eventually shine through, leaving you crystal clear on what it is that you simply must do next. Journalling gives us clarity. Strength. Drive to go out and do the things we want to do because we're confident that each step is the right one.

So gorgeous, that's why we journal- to strengthen, deepen and cultivate a killer connection with ourselves, so that we can go out into the world and shine bright like diamonds (I bet Rihanna journals, don't you?).

If this sounds all well and good to you, but you have no freaking idea where to start; then check out #Cultivate, my free 7 Day Journalling Journey designed to help you find the clarity, connection and drive you need to make 2016 out-of-this-world amazing. Click here to get on the list- we begin January 4th.

Sending you so much health, wealth and love,

E x