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Pimp Yo' Water

I must admit- I used to secretly roll my eyes every time someone told me to drink more fluids whenever I complained about my shitty skin, my lack of energy or my constipation (cute). But honestly, water is lifeblood. It will improve those niggly little things that bug you if you stick with it. I personally aim for 3 litres a day, more if it's hot or if I'm exercising or have a particularly hot sweaty bath. If the thought of sloshing down that much plain water doesn't work for you, try some pimpin'

The Laishley Guide To Delicious Drinkin' 1. Grab your favourite herbal/black/green/white tea and pop it in a jar with some hot water (roughly 1/4 of chosen jar) 2. Steep for 3-4 mins depending on tea and taste 3. Add in lots of ice cubes and cold water 4. Chuck in a random combo of fruit for extra flavour.. Lemon, lime, orange, berries, passionfruit, pineapple, cucumber (technically a vegetable), mint (technically a herb) and anything else that catches your eye. Today I used Rooibos tea with lemon and mint. 5. Drink it! Smile! Feel hydrated! Maybe post a selfie! E xx