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How to drop your winter cravings like a hot piece of toast.

Let's talk about cold weather and cravings. Now, I used to think I was a winter-lovin-babe, but this year I have turned into a total sook when it comes to chilly days. I have struggled to bounce out of bed, I wear at least 4 layers all the time, and I've been rocking a sexy pair of hot pink bed socks all day and night. Did I mention I live in Brisbane? And that I used to be a proud Sydney-sider? Anyway, this week especially I've noticed that my cravings for go-to comfort foods have really upped. I found myself fantasising about hot chips + gravy the other day, searching for "sticky date pudding" recipes on Pinterest and the thought of a chocolate croissant for breakfast made me salivate, a lot. I've been asking myself; what is it about cold weather that makes us want to overindulge in all the 'naughty' stuff?? How do we stop ourselves from downing a family sized apple pie?? Well babe, you need to figure out your unique why, and to help, I've broken it down into two main categories that I see to be a trigger. One

We haven't Winter-fied our diet so our bodies are craving warmth, comfort and satisfaction. Have you ever tried to chow down on a crunchy, crispy tuna salad on a rainy, wintery day? It sucks hard. You would kill for a bucket load of creamy pasta instead, but you're trying to be 'good' or to 'eat healthy' so you grab a salad, a piece of fruit or a smoothie for most meals. If you're anything like me, it's going to leave you daydreaming about hearty pub dinners and you're more likely to make a toasted cheese sandwich at 2am. Solution: Learn to eat seasonally. Hearty is still healthy. Make a beautiful veggie curry, a roast dinner, slow cooker meals, soups and favour good sources of fat (coconut, avocado, full-fat dairy if you can tolerate it) to keep your mind out of the hot-chip-gutter.

  • Drink hot teas, avoid chilled water and play around with coffee alternatives like dandelion root or chai.

  • Watch your carbs in winter- white rice, potato, pasta and bread will not be satisfying and will still lead you to wanting more. Serve your gorgeous stews with grains like buckwheat, quinoa and brown rice.

  • When in doubt- add extra greeny goodness + other veg.

  • Eat mindfully and slowly so you don't overload- you'll find less becomes more when eating this way.


You're bored and unsatisfied in some other area of your life. When the weather gets cooler I can turn into a bit of a slob- can you relate? My 500 layers of clothing make me feel a bit frumpier or I neglect the things that make me feel awesome like daily exercise, meditation and makeup. Solution: If you do winter-fy your diet and you're still indulging in brownies, ask yourself why. Where are you feeling unsatisfied? Where are you not putting effort in? Maybe you need to make a conscious decision to book yourself in for some goddess time (long baths, solo dance party, indulgent walks) or to get more creative (paint, draw, write, tell jokes) or to reconnect with yourself (meditate, journal, talk to yourself in the mirror) or maybe you just need to try to leave the house at least once on the weekend and meet some new friends or spend quality time with the special people already in your life. The main point I want to share with you is this: Your cravings are no accident. They are here to highlight something for you, to lead you to the source of your frustration or to show you what it is you're missing. Trust them, explore them- and don't be afraid to indulge them every now and then. Because restriction leads to all kinds of funky stuff. Tell me, what are you craving right now and what do you think it's telling you?

E xx