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Are you playing the comparison game?

Life both online and in the real world can seem like an endless cycle of "I'll have what she's having pls." and not too long ago, I was suffering from a pretty nasty case of comparison-itis. I'm a big fan of all things health, and I love seeing fellow babes smash out fabulous goals/changes their lives/look amazing. But, As much as I love to be inspired, I realised that ingesting all of this content several times a day was having the opposite effect. Instead of feeling like I could go out and do a cracking workout or try a new recipe, I felt fat. Frustrated. Negative. Overwhelmed. I discovered that the more I compared myself to all of these tanned, thin drop dead gorgeous people (who I imagined were always on time and never wasted a whole day on Netflix), -the less in love with my body I felt. It was really cramping my feel-good style, and it made me want to hide from the world until I'd figured out a way to embody perfection. So, I cut that shit down. I went through and unfollowed almost every Instagram/Facebook/Blog that had anything to do with fitspiration, thinspiration or weightloss. I refocused on my own amazing life and quit eating a bowl of "I wish I had's" for breakfast every day. And you know what? It's one of the most freeing things I've ever done. Comparisonitis will never make you feel good. We allow ourselves to indulge in the idea that "I must look like this to feel good." Or "I need to drop 10kgs before I deserve to XYZ." and devalue our own unique selves in the process. We focus on everything it seems we're not and its just an all round bummer. So how do we break the cycle? How do we stay switched on to achieving our unique goals without getting bogged down in comparisonitis? And, not to get too shouty, but, HOW DO WE EMBRACE WHO REALLY ARE AND LOVE IT? Baby steps, babe. Baby steps: 1. Serenade those that seem to have what you want. And then decide to let them go. 2. Raise your awareness of when and where negativity creeps into your thoughts and do everything you can to put a stop to it. Aka hit the unfollow button. Go read some inspiring quotes. Write down some thing's that you love about yourself. 3. Know that it is not 'wrong' for you to want to bring some positive change into your life. The things that you admire in others can also be for you. Send love to those you compare yourself too, but also send love to yourself. Comparison is definitely the thief of joy, and can take patience to overcome.. But these steps should help get you started.

E xx