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3 Nifty Ideas to Help You Nail Your Gratitude Practise


I want you to think of all the times you've been down in the dumps or feeling less then hot.

What kind of things were you focusing on?

Was it the holiday you haven't been on for over a year?

The guy who stopped texting you back?

The way your belly flops over your jeans like a little cupcake?

Were those thoughts laced with a feeling of resentment- a soppy "Why Me" mentality?

Negative thinking as a super cute knack of snowballing- molehills turn into mountains, we get stuck in anger, depression or anxiety.

When you're not focusing on all the cool little bits and pieces that make up your life, it can be easy to feel trapped in that headspace of never having, being or doing enough.

Good lord! It is so freaking exhausting. It limits us. It makes us feel miserable. And worse then that, it distracts us from abundant opportunities for happiness that may be staring us in the face.

We can become blind to so much amazing stuff that we've been blessed with.

What you focus on grows.

Here's the thing. Gratitude is the secret to feeling good in every area of your life. To getting more of what you love + desire. To living in harmony with your life as it is in the present moment. From being appreciatve of the fact that you even have internet access to read these words, to the big Europe trip you've finally saved up for.. we have so many things- from small yet significant to big + exciting-that we can do a little "shpanks life!" for.

So why do some of us find it so hard to say "Thank You" for all that we have instead of lusting over all of the things, experiences and general stuff that we don't have?

Like any habit, it takes time to really embed a new behaviour into your rotuine- and just like finding your ideal diet or exercise routine, you need to find a way that you can express + log your gratitude that works for you.

So, on that note here are 3 differenet ways for you to get Grateful every single day. In 2 minutes or less.

Write It Down

This is the most popular way to get your Gratitude Practise downpat. If you're already journalling on a daily basis- just be sure to add in at least 3 things each day that you're feeling loved up about. Be sure to expand a little on why your'e grateful for that particular thing/person/experience. AKA. I am super grateful for the 5 minutes I had this morning to enjoy my tea, because it helped me to connect with stillness and approach my day in a calm and level-headed manner.

If you want a journal just for Gratitude, Kikki K have a gorgeous mini one that has space for you to record 3 things each day. I love that it's small enough to fit in your handbag so if you're ever in that space of "woe is me" you can have a flick through and instantly see all of the cool stuff you've got going on.

There's an App for That

Some people just aren't into writing- and that's ok. There are literally 100's of Gratitude apps you can download and update anytime. Plus you can set up notifications so your iPhone will pester you if you forget to log some love. These are two of my favs:

Gratitude Journeys

This one gets extra points because you can add photos to your Gratitude list. So when you're stressing out at work over some silly email, all you need to do is revisit the app and look at the picture you took at the beach on the weekend and reconnect with your zen.

Check it out here.


Thankful is super simple and works like a charm. Plus you get extra inspiration with daily inpsirational quotes. Plus it's free- so no excuses really?

Download here.

Talk to Yourself

This may sound a little self indulgent, but I've fixed many a bad moods by hitting record on my iPhone and talking myself through how I feel. Talking is just as powerful as writing when it comes to releasing crap and reaffirming great things that are going on. I like recording myself because it's also a way for me to capture ideas, and it feels like someone is listening- even if that someone is in fact me a week from now. So don't be shy- give it a whirl. Record a little audio or video of you riffing on all the stuff that makes you feel happy and why. It's so easy and your hand won't get all crampy like when you write for longer then 2 minutes.

Bonus Feel Good Tip

Send a Gratitude Letter

Can you imagine how you would feel, if slipped in between letters from the council and electricity bills, was a letter from one of your favourite people telling you how awesome you are and how grateful they are that you're in their life?

Woah. Warm fuzzies galore right! What if I told you that you can acheive that same warm fuzzy feeling by sending such a letter to one of you prime posse member... ha! Yes!

To get a letter, write a letter.

Sit down with a cup of tea (or a glass of wine if you're so inclined) and think of someone who has had a positive impact on your life. Now get out your best stationary set or a cute card and tell them exactly how they've made a difference and why you're so grateful that they're here. Then march your butt down to the post office and post that puppy. The more letters your write, the better you feel. Guaranteed.

Be sure to include your return address & use your best handwriting in case it ends up on Instagram.

Get cracking and get grateful!

Erin X