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One Simple Way to Breathe Abundance Into Your Life

For most of my working life- I’ve lived from pay cheque to pay cheque. I’ve certainly never been poor or lacking the essentials, but have found myself relying on credit cards and loans when life was a little outside my budget; and it was rare for me to have savings to dip into for investments or holidays or gifts or a spontaneous shopping spree. By the time Christmas rolled around last year- this was feeling awfully tired. The stress of mounting bills, a lack of holidays and a dismal savings account really took the wind out of my sails- consistently. The euphoria of pay day is soon counteracted by the small pile of pennies in my bank account and that sick feeling in my stomach. Yuck. But as I move into running my own business full time it’s clear to me that it’s time to totally revitalise my money mojo. So this year I’m seeking guidance- Denise Duffield-Thomas has a wealth of wisdom over at Lucky Bitch, and I’m also taking greater responsibility with where my money goes (hello cash envelopes and nifty budget planner)- and I’ve also set some financial goals for where I want to get to . (hint: out of debt with some cash to splash).

But on top of all this- and this is the most important part; I’m cultivating gratitude.

How often do you find yourself saying “I can’t this week- completely broke!” or “I’m so poor!” or “Money sucks!” “God-damn bills!!” or “Eff off Telstra!!” or just "FML."-? Story of my freaking life. But I’ve come to realise through all my whingeing and disbelief at how shitty all of this money business feels- I’ve forgotten how and why I’ve gotten to this place.

That Telstra bill? I’m paying to keep connected with my loved ones, Instagram and youtube videos that bring me a lot of joy. The Electricity bill? Ensured that I had energy too cook my meals, have hot showers and read after sundown. The rent? Roof over my head in a lovely suburb with someone special. Every bill I need to pay has been invited into my life in exchange for something great. That’s all this is. By switching my focus to all the amazing, fantastic privileges I can afford and am abundantly blessed with- the whole money thing feels a whole lot better. Life doesn’t seem so hard done by from this perspective- in fact it seems pretty freaking great.

"You are what you think about all day." —Allen Ginsberg

Wishing you abundance and good things,

E xx

PS. Did this resonate with you? Do you need support in changing your negative thought patterns, or finding more abundance in life?

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