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Be Intentional in 2015

Have you ever set a goal in January, only to forget all about it by the time March swings around? I love setting intentions as opposed to resolutions because they are often more heartfelt and flexible. You can weave them into daily life, every action and reaction becomes a stitch in the greater fabric of your life. And they just feel better.

So in 2015, I want:

To Seek Freedom

Freedom to create, to pursue the work we feel called to. Freedom to travel, to shift, to change. Freedom to express love, give, and to nurture our relationships. And of course- freedom of time to do all of the above.

In 2014, Freedom was what I ached for. And in 2015, it's still my core desire. A lot was set in motion for me last year- I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and am now a Certified Health Coach, I started building an Arbonne business, and I moved up to sunny QLD with my love. Now this year, I’m taking another big step and am looking forward to being 100% self-employed by February. I’m sure that 2015 is shaping up to be a fresh and exciting year- one of unexplored territory as I transition myself out of corporate life and into one of independence + infinite possibilities.

“What you seek is seeking you.” Rumi

All of this came about because at some point early last year I decided that Freedom would be my core desire after working through Danielle La Portes ‘The Desire Map’. What felt like a far off, wishy washy longing, soon began manifesting itself in my everyday. I found that as I recognised the freedom that was already well rooted in my life- it magnified. Grew. Expanded. I suppose I’m sharing this intention, this desire, first because so often in the early days of January, we become fanatical about an end goal or on ‘fixing’ our perceived flaws- often leading to a loss of interest, feelings of failure and a negative experience. But! When we focus on want we want to feel and kick our narrow-minded framework to the curb- magic happens. And you find yourself reflecting back on your year and seeing exactly how much your life has flourished through your pursuit of freedom (or joy, or connection, or abundance etc.)

To Create On my vision board I’ve popped up a quote I’ve grown quite fond of:

“Make visible what, without you, perhaps might never have been seen.” Robert Bresson

I’ve found that I go through phases of immense inspiration + creativity and during these times I have created work that I’m really quite proud of. This year it’s in my belly to create again. It was one of the things that came up for me when I thought about freedom, why I wanted it and what it would bring to my life (what do people who don’t work 40 hours a week do with themselves anyway?). I'm not yet sure what form this may manifest- so far I've dabbled in painting, ceramics, photography, writing, poetry and zines. I just love art- and the eclectic loveliness of it all. So in 2015 I’m just starting here: I want to create again; no expectations, just the pure joy of it.

I implore you to take some time out with your journal, and really think about what it is you want to feel every day in 2015. Check out Danielle La Portes Core Desire Feeling library for inspiration here.

Much love to you-

E xx

PS. Are you seeking support to find freedom? To create a life you love?

I would love to hear from you and find out about how we could work together to help you achieve your goals- One conversation could be all it takes to be a catalyst for magnificent change in your life. 2015 is your year to Reboot, Reinvigorate and Revolutionise your life. Book here for a free session, or email me to find out more.

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