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Why do we hide?

I want women to cut the bullshit.

To stop buying into this incessant fantasy of tomorrow, to stop constantly forgetting that today is already here and glorious.

Why do we obsess over all that we're not and ignore the rich abundance of simply being?

I want us to break out of this shallow cycle. To stop quietly giving up on our dreams.

What if you were to bust this idea of security and placidity?

Burst into the world- take up space, share your passion, and find your strength. I implore you.

Fear is not a stop sign. Obstacles are not the end. The river will continue to flow- have faith. You’ll be magic.

No more ‘strong is the new skinny’ or starving ourselves two days a week in the name of health. Let’s nourish ourselves- with vegetables, with laughter, with kisses and with patience.

Put on your bikini, forget about your thighs. Stop hiding, my darling.

Who gives a flying fudge what we look like?

You deserve to love.

You deserve to love your body.

You deserve to connect with another soul.

And you deserve it today. You really honestly do.

A short digression- let’s stop being ok with a woman’s sexuality being objectified to sell crappy products that we don’t need.

Be sexual because it’s empowering for you, no one else.

Wear make-up or gorgeous clothes because it’s what you want. But please, don’t buy into the lies of advertising, the narrow ideal. It’s an unattainable, shallow distraction. You are more.

Let’s have the courage to be ourselves, and there-in have the courage to allow others to do the same.

Live authentically, with respect for every person you meet. Reconnect with gratitude and allow the immensity of blessing in your world to come forth.

Let’s serenade our sisters because they are strong and magnificent, just like us. No more tearing them down because they seem to have everything that you could ever want. Lose that bitchy resentment. Let go of gossiping.

It won’t sit in your soul the way a kind word and a blessing will.

May we accept our differences and focus on our hearts. May we beat together. As one.